Young Woman Found Murdered In Shimla Hotel

Shimla: Police, late in the afternoon, broke through into a hotel room in mid town and found a body of a young woman, after the hotel management had contacted them as no activity was reported from the room, all day.“The body of the young woman bore no visible injury marks and was recovered from the Hotel Ashirwad room at about 4 p.m,” said the police personnel who recovered the body.

The hotel management disclosed that a couple had checked into the room yesterday evening and after failing to get any response from inside the room through the day, the police was called in.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the young woman was aged between 25 to 27 years and the male companion who checked in with her, the previous evening, was missing.

District police chief A P Singh said the body of the girl had been recovered and investigation have been initiated. A case has been registered, he said.

Over the years hotels in the hill station have become soft targets for such planned murders, despite the hotel management having been instructed about adhering to seeking identity proofs of all clients checking in.

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