Raaja Of Himachal And His Helicopter

This interesting satirical poem by one of the constituents from chief minister Virbhadra Singh’s constituency Rohru, appeared in today Tribune newspaper.

For the benefit of our reader, we reproduce it here

Raja and his chopper

Rajaji you travel in helicopter
we, the poor mortals, in bus.
We have no choice but to be adjuster
and it’s not in our hands to fuss.
You disembark your Udankhatola fair and fresh
we, the public, laden with dust
feel ugliness in our flesh.
Your kingly ways are not right and just.
Gandhi travelled third class
and knew the plight of the poor.
You travel super air class
and know not your people for sure.
Once, once for once Rajaji travel by bus.
Take a bumpy and dusty ride to your Rohru.
If the travel makes you non-plus at least you’ll know what your people go through.
Rohru, your constituency, voices through me.
Dare you ignore, you’ll be forced to flee.

-Deepak Thakur, Rohru

Courtesy: The Tribune

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