Notification for 2nd phase of Elections Tomorrow- CEO

elect22.JPGToday, Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Manisha Nanda, addressed a meeting of representatives of political parties for the second phase of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Elections for 65 Assembly Constituencies and issued notification for filling up the nomination papers from tomorrow.

CEO added a list of dates for the second phase of general elections as follows:

30.11.2007: Last date for making nomination

1.12.2007: Last date for scrutiny of nominations

3.12.2007: Last date for withdrawal of candidature

19.12.2007: Polling date for the 2nd phase for 65 Assembly Constituencies

28.12.2007: Counting for both the phases

31.12.2007: Election process will be completed

She recommended all the contesting candidates to submit dues certificate as per RO’s statutory conditions and urged the political parties not to make any personal attack on any candidate.

Smt. Nanda further said that during the 2nd phase of the polling, ECI has ordered to make efforts to increase the use of Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPICs). Moreover, she ensured that the electors do not vote at more than one place by thorough checking.

The loudspeakers will not be allowed either before 6a.m. or after 10p.m. without the prior written permission of the authorities concerned.

The electors are advised to check their names are registered in Electoral Rolls of only that Assembly constituency in which they are ordinarily resident and that it is a registered only at one place.

Further she said that no soul except for persons on election duty will be allowed to take mobile-phones into the polling station. Moreover, during the time of filing of nomination papers only five persons would be allowed including candidate and only three vehicles would be permitted within the premises of 100 meters.

The expenditure limit for Assembly election is up to Rs. 7 Lakh.

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