Non Shanta campaign could be fatal for BJP

PALAMPUR- The dithering of BJP High Command on the leadership issue in Himachal Pradesh has not gone down well within the party men in lower areas of the state, particularly   with the candidates who had been contesting the assembly election from Kangra district, they are convinced that absence of Shanta Kumar from the electoral   arena will badly affect their winning prospectus.
The  reports  receiving from  BJP High Command said that Shanta Kumar may not be asked to  contest the assembly election from Palampur  has caused wide spread resentment among the rank and file of the party. Senior leaders of the BJP admit that the absence of Shanta Kumar from the electoral arena would cost party over six seats in Kangra district alone.  
Meanwhile   ten BJP leaders including   MLAs, former Ministers and ex MLAs  in joint press statement issued here today  flayed the strategy  of BJP High Command  to hold back the captain of  the team from entering the field. They said this decision  would not only affect in  Kangra  district but  the entire state.
These leaders urged the BJP High Command to review its decision and allow Mr. Shanta Kumar to contest the assembly election from Palampur which is his home constituency.  They said there was wave in favor of Shanta Kumar who is not only senior party leader but had neat and clean image, if he is not in the field, it will take wind out of BJP sails.
These leaders said party had to win at least twelve seats from Kanga district, only then it could dream to from a government at Shimla.  Without Shanta Kumar in the filed it would not be possible reach at this magic number. They said  in 1998 assembly elections BJP won twelve seats (including Romesh Dhwala) from Kangra, even then it could not cross the over all tally of 29 seats in the state, Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal had to take support of Himachal Vikas Congress of Pt Sukh Ram to form the government at Shimla, These factors should be considered seriously.
They asked the BJP High Command that it should not forgot that Kangra is biggest district of the state with sixteen assembly segment, which is also politically significant and any lapse on the part of BJP High Command at this crucial stage could cost quite heavy .
They said if timely action is not taken by the BJP High Command on the leadership issue,   party had to  suffere a big loss in the coming elections  in th state.  

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