Virbhadra Singh Passed No Remarks Against EC – Kuldeep Rathore

Shimla: Congress spokesman Kuldeep Rathore today denied that chief minister Virbhadra Singh had made any unsavory remarks about functioning of the Election Commission.Talking to mediapersons Rathore said that at no point has chief minister made any comments against the functioning of the election commission or any of its members, which BJP leader Satpal Jain has spoken off.

Yesterday Jain had sought an apology form Virbhadra Singh for having cast aspersions on the election commission by allegedly having said that it was working at the behest of LK Advani, the BJP leader.

Rathore claimed that BJP’s campaign in the 3 tribal segments that go to the polls tomorrow was lackluster and failed to attract attention of the people.

“Lack of issues was making BJP whip up passions that had nothing to do with seeking a mandate from the people,” said Rathore.

He said that saffron party had failed to make an impact on the electorate in the tribal seats of Lahaul-Spiti, Kinnaur and Bharmaur. Low turnouts at the rallies held by BJP clearly reflected the mood of the people,” he claimed.

The congress election screening committee was scheduled to meet on 18th November, where norms for selecting the party candidates would be settled, he said.

State president Viplove Thakur has requested party president Sonia Gandhi and party general secretary Rahaul Gandhi to be the star campaigners in Himachal and electioneering plans were being drawn up.

For disseminating information related to the election campaign, the party was establishing four media centers at Shimla, Mandi, Dharamshala and Hamirpur, said Rathore.

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  1. Or shall we put it in other words that
    The secular government of UPA nominated a panel of election commissioners which has started favoring communal parties and they don’t have any faith left in so called secular or psuedosecular traditions of the UPA/ Congress government.

  2. says: RKS

    I think some politicians still feel that the entire population of Himachal Pradesh is fool. They are absolutely wrong in this era of information technology and powerful media.
    The credentials of these politicians are deteriorating as they are relying mainly on lies. “Say one thing today; disprove it tomorrow and blame media” is the only mantra for these liars. They go to the extent of refusing even those statements which are shown in audio-visual form. If you do not dare to disapprove the truth, say it through party spokesman because he also possess a clear scope to deny the facts said by the others at some other point of time.
    I remember a breaking report by a Tribune journalist on Nov. 6, 2007 -“HP Cong out to seek gag order- Telecast, publication of CD content during poll”. But on the very next day CM refuted such reports “CM refutes report….” in the same daily. The fact now is that the report was true and the case is filed in High court for restraining people to come out with sting operation CDs.
    I am writing this comment just to inform and awaken the people (at least people surfing net) that some politicians in Himachal are highly unreliable now and are ready to cross any limits for power greed.

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