Development To Overcome Incumbency factor – Kaul Singh

Shimla: Incumbency against the government in the run to the election would be overcome by the massive development done in the state, where as the issue of corruption would be taken head on by highlighting the functioning of the previous BJP government led by Prem Kumar Dhumal, Kaul Singh Thakur, the irrigation and public health minister stated here.

At a conference call Thakur said that the congress government in the last five years had made tremendous strides in education, extending the road network, controlling price rice and extending coverage of drinking water supply schemes.

Responding to a question about the government having failed to create enough job opportunities, Thakur responded that avenues of employment were created in both the private and government sector. He laid the blame on BJP saying “they have created roadblocks by taking recruitment process to the courts and the issue can only move ahead, when the court decides the pending issues.”

The government had come out with an industrial policy and it had been ensured that 70 percent of employment created is reserved for Himachali youth, he said. Besides the government had reserved all mini hydel projects for state subjects, he added.

He said that the party planned to include the issue of damage to crops by wild animals in their manifesto and would frame a policy to tackle the issue. “The congress would come back with a thumping majority,” Thakur claimed.

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