17 More File Nominations For Himachal Elections

Shimla: Deputy Speaker Dharam Pal Thakur and 16 other candidates filed their nominations for the second phase of elections today. The total number of candidates testing the waters has gone up to 47, as the last date of entering the fray draws closer.

Other prominent candidates who filed their papers include Kush Pramar as the congress candidate from Nahan, sitting congress legislator Surinder Singh from Kangra, BS Chauhan as the BJP candidate from Bhatiyat and Prithvi Singh as the BSP candidate from Rainka.

To stall defacing of public property, chief electoral officer Manisha Nanda warned that wall writing and pasting election material on public property by contesting parties would not be permitted. “Parties found indulging is such activities would be booked and if the offensive publicity material is not removed than the district authorities would do so and the expenditure would be recovered from the concerned person,” said Nanda

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