New Linseed variety ‘Bhagsu’ by Palampur Agri.University

bhagsu-plant-and-seed.bmpseeds.jpgA new linseed variety Bhagsu for growing under zero tillage conditions has been developed by the scientists of CSK H.P. Agricultural University.

The new variety is blue flowered, brown small seeded and suitable for broadcasting in the standing paddy crop. This variety has been found suitable for growing in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir.

Bhagsu gives an average yield of 400-450 Kg per hectare under zero tillage. It matures in 184-190 days and is moderately resistant to rust, wilt and alternaria blight. The oil content in the seeds is 36.4 per cent.

Dr.Tej Partap, vice-chancellor, has appreciated Dr.(Mrs.) S.Bhateria and her team for developing this new linseed variety which will relieve the hill farmers from field preparation through bullocks or other farmers through tractors.

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  1. says: Shalini and RajuTitus

    Congresulations for doing work for no tillage. We are doing natural way of farming in Hoshangabad. M.P. based zero weeding etc.
    Growing Rice.Wheat.Peas.Lentil.Masoor. Soybean.etc.

    Now there is no chance of development through tilling based agriculture. Even organic farming is not developing due to tillage.No till farming in crop residues
    is on top at present.No need to use any fertelizer and chemical in this way of farming. Leguminus ground cover can soleve the problem of weeds and the demand of nitrogen.
    Shalini and Raju Titus

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