Master plan to change Baddi

BADDI: With the expectation to grow more the industrial development in Baddi belt will now be planned in systemic manner. The master plan a main tool to guide the things will soon be enforced in belt. The master plan main thrust area is to plan the development of area to appropriately addressed requirements and balance with location resources and factor endowments.

The reference area for master plan is likely to be about 318 square kilometers. The preparation of plan for whole of the Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh area will fall under the jurisdiction of Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh Development Authority (BBNDA).

The digitized base map for the entire area will be based on latest survey of India map. The map will be updated with the help of suitable surveying techniques, satellite imageries as well as the ground verification.

    The base map will indicate: –

  • Area boundary of the entire area.
  • Water bodies, forest areas, orchards, village settlements, urban sprawl, agricultural lands.
  • H.T. lines, sub-stations, towers.
  • National, State highways, Major roads & all important village link roads.
  • Undulated areas, contours, relief, bench marks, latitudes, longitudes.
  • Any other items that are generally required to be indicated or are found important to be indicated.

The proposed land-use map will indicate broadly the land use proposed in the special area. The map will be prepared according to notations and colour scheme as prescribed under UDPFI guidelines.

Key issues to be addressed in master plan:

a) Land use pattern:

The master plan will addressed various key issues related directly or indirectly to industry. The existing land use pattern & its maladies will be studied in detailed. The new planning for efficient land use pattern will be chalked out besides suggesting a suitable re-development model for the existing core areas. The future land use pattern by proposing sectoral & zonal development will be proposed.

b) Traffic management:

A detailed traffic survey of belt will be done. The efficient traffic system will be put into force that will include: a) Pattern of national & state highways, major roads, sector roads, arterial roads, ring roads, bye-pass roads indicating their existing widths and the proposed widening. b) Areas to be earmarked for bus stands, truck stands, transport nagar, extension & development of railways if feasible. It will also lay down the broad-based traffic circulation system. c) Proposals for improvement of junctions, parking lots, idle parking etc. d) To identify the various bottlenecks in the smooth flow of regional traffic and work area-living area relationship besides suggesting mass transport system ideally suited for the area. e) To project the future traffic taking into account the projected work areas, living area etc. and suggest required traffic system.

In addition to it the feasibility of the road network comprising of sector roads, ring roads, arterial roads & bye-passes shall be re-assessed in the light of sanctions already granted by the Town & Country Planning Deptt.

c) Land allocation:

The allocation of broadly areas or sector of land to be made for following segment: – a) Residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, recreational and agricultural purposes. b) Open spaces, parks and gardens, green belts, zoological gardens and play grounds c) Public institutions and offices

d) Nature preservation and improvement of civic amenities:

The general landscaping and preservation of natural areas are among main features of plan. The special projects to improve civic amenities like water, drainage, sewerage and electricity will be implemented.

e) Sectoral development:

The plan will suggest broad-based regulations for sectoral development within each sector of the location, height, size of buildings and structures, open spaces, courtyards etc. In addition to it the suggestion on architectural control features, elevation and frontage of buildings and structures will also be made.

f) Combat nature fury

The indicate measures for flood control, prevention of air and water pollution, disposal of garbage and general environmental control will be planned under master plan. The sites for dumping of solid waste shall be proposed in consultation with the Municipal authorities/ panchayats as well as state Pollution Control Board.

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    My dear Sir,

    I am resident of HIMACHAL PARDESH and presently i am undergoing a management course at IIM AHEMDABAD. Its quite praiseworthy master plan which your authority has brought out. Presently i am holding the appointment of DIRECTOR LANDS WORKS AND ENVIRONMENT AT ARMY HEADQUARTER also and would be on retirment in coming month of april 08.
    Having served as an expert for these issues with various states of INDIA regarding land and related environmental matters i am of the view that public participation in these matters is a must. I in the form of an enterprenur am willing to help your authority in the form of a NGO to save guard our precious gift of nature, and help build our youth for various career option whether in terms of skilled expertise for various industries in BADDI by providing necessary training for corporate world or guarding environmental interest. I would like to request you to provide me the necessary inputs so that i should able to contribute maximum to our society. I am entirely a non political person whose main aim is to help the governance in a non profit method for the beautification of this beautiful planet. There is a team of management professors, industrialist , lawyers based at DELHI of HIMACHALI ORIGIN whom i have approached and who are willing to serve the government voluntarily for the betterment of this area.
    My area of interest are CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSBILITIES, USE OF NON CONVENTIONAL SOURCE OF ENERGY, INNOVATIVE MODE OF AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES, TRAINING RURAL UNEMPLOYED YOUTH FOR INDUSTRIAL RELATED SKILL, AND provision of subsidied training. I would be grateful if you communicate me on these aspects for early set up of a training institution in BADDI block of NALAGARH considering in view the help which can be rendered by GOVT OF HIMACHAL.

    with regards,




    (M)-99968139692, 9898622453,,011-28524729

  2. says: Gurinder Singh Cheema

    I wanna know proper about development about Baddi H.P . This information also very help full to me.


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