IITian Party To Foray In Himachal Elections

Shimla: Founded by IITian alumni’s and other professionals, Lok Paritran, a political party, is out to make a statement in Himachal elections that politics is too serious a responsibility to be reposed in the hands of dropouts and incompetent people.

Talking to the media Chandrashekhar, national secretary Lok Paritran said politics has been a neglected field and we have set out to provide an alternative to the people. “Our model of politics is against money power for electoral gains and we are attempting to cleanse the system of it,” he said.

Introducing the party in the hill state is the immediate objective of the party and they hope to put up about 20 candidates for the ensuing election. “We are inviting online applications through our website http://www.lokparitran.org ,” said Chandrashekhar adding that depending upon the response and the quality of candidates only will the party contest a particular seat. “Educational qualification of the candidate and no criminal background are an essential criteria for candidate selection,” he added.

“The main issue of the party is going to focus on transparency and accountability in the system. Improved infrastructure, especially a better transport system is part of our agenda, he said.

We may not win a single seat but our aim is to provide an alternative to the people as low poll turnouts indicate that people are losing faith in democracy, he said. The party secretary claimed that by making a foray into electoral politics with the 2006 Tamilnaidu state elections, whereever the Lok Paritran put up a candidate, the voter turned out had shown marked improvement. “In Tamilnadu, we contested on 7 seats and secured 40,000 votes which was more than BSP and BJP in those seats,” he claimed.

He said that the party had already established its presence in Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The party also intended to put up candidates in the Gujarat elections, he said.

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  1. says: Dinesh

    Actually you are right! As all educated, so called intellectuals can not come to single platform at all in their life! All they have to fight is what is right and whats wrong, whar are moral values and what are low values, you know what, by the time they will figure out it will be only low values. Look at Bihar and UP, so many IAS, IFS, IPS but politics only belongs to goons!

    Down with intellect, whats the use if its not changing a thing!

  2. says: Dharmen

    शायद आप सही बोल रहे हैं, आख़िर बुधिमानी लोग तो कभी एक मंच पे आ ही नहीं सकते हैं…..क्या करें भाई राजनीती में हमारे पढे लिखे लोग हाथ नहीं लगाना चाहते हैं, आख़िर यह तो बस अब गिरे हुए लोगों का ही खेल है!

  3. says: AKM

    I have a watch on Lok Paritran from its formation but never seen any split. Yes, I have seen some thing that is discipline and loyalty. Lok Paritran’s President Sri. Purohit Ji, is very strict and can’t tolerate any indiscipline in the party. He has terminated those who have gone against party. He believes, no one is bigger than party.


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