How to plan for your career in 21st century

In today’s global world, there is no dearth of jobs/professions and one can achieve the goal of finding an appropriate career with a right mix of talent, work spirit, dedication, patience and hard-work. However, the choice of getting into a particular stream or profession becomes limited due to stiff competition in the different fields. To quote, some of them are civil services, management, medical services and engineering. For instance, it is very difficult to get into the top institutes of these professions such as IITs, IIMs and AIIMS. Therefore, one should set a goal for his career based on his strengths, weaknesses, availability of opportunities and long term scopes in a particular field.

The pursuance of a particular career generally starts from either 10th or intermediate. While pursuing these qualifying studies at intermediate level, the student should make elaborate plans for his career and for achieving his goals; he should ask the following questions from himself as well as from his parents and guardians. A thorough discussion with your parents and guardians is necessary because to pursue a particular field of your interest, you need a continuous, unstinted and constant help in terms of encouragement, financial help and mental support for a fairly long period of 4 – 8 years.

  • What shall I become in my life?
  • Why to choose a particular career field?
  • What are the means and ways to realize those goals?
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of your chosen field?

Once you get satisfactory answers to these topics, then you should start collecting more information from different sources such as newspapers, magazines, seniors students, parents, relatives and most important INTERNET. In fact, internet is the best place to look for detailed information and discussion on various related issues including the various careers. In the next step, try to locate some people who are currently working in the same field. They are best one to tell you about the hardships involved in pursuing that career. Listen carefully to their views and advice. Also tell them as to what you think or what you know about that field. Don’t hesitate from asking them if you have any doubts, even if you think that they are very silly.

The next step is about collecting the information on universities/colleges/institutes, the minimum requirements for admission, such as, minimum marks required and the type of entrance examination. Also collect information on the extent of competition for that university and if you decide to pursue the same university, then how much effort you need to put in while preparing for the entrance tests.

After clearing all the hurdles and securing an admission in your dream institute/university, don’t think that you have achieved everything in your life. This is just the beginning of your dream goal. You have cleared the first step successfully and to go on to the next step, you should redouble you efforts and work hard towards the realization of your final goal.

While passing through all these hurdles, learn to be patient and have a regard for your parents, elders, your community, society and country. Because the society will judge you from what and how much contribution you have made to it.

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