Employees demand more promotional avenues

The Federal House of the State NGO Federation of the employees of the state government has demanded one time amendment and relaxation in Recruitment and promotion rules in order to grant promotion avenues to class III and Class IV employees who have served different departments from the last 20 to 30 years without any promotions.

S.R.Azad, General Secretary of State NGO Federation said today that this demand was raised in the meeting of the Federal House of the State NGO federation chaired by the state President Mr. L.S.Machan here yesterday which was attended by hundreds of the office bearers of different NGOs. He said that under present R & P rules most of the class III and IV employees were joining at a particular post and retires from the same post with out getting promoted during their entire life time.

Azad said that the house demanded that as the retirement age by the central Govt. employees was raised by two years from 60 to 62 the same way it should be increased from 58 to 60 for the state Govt. employees too. The employees demanded implementation of the Cabinet decision of providing interim relief to them immediately besides demanded releasing of another D.A installment to them.

The employees demanded increments on Punjab Pattern on 4,9 and 14 year basis. He said that hundreds of the office bearers of different employees NGOs of 92 departments participated in the meeting to raise the employees issues.

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