Electioneering gearing up in Himachal

PALAMPUR- With the announcement of elections for Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha all poltical parties have geared up its poltical campaign in Palampur region. Two major parties BJP and congress had started process for the selection of candidates. The block and district units of both the parties have been organizing meetings to finalize the panel of candidates to be submitted to the state unit.

Yamni Hotel residence of senior BJP leader and Vice President All India BJP has been witnessing big crowd for the past two days as contenders of party ticket from Kangra, Una and Chamba districts were approaching him along with their supporters. However, because of demise of
mother of Mr. Shatna Kumar he was not attending the official work and had asked the party workers to come next week.

Talking to this correspondent Mr. Shanta Kumar said that party would not take any risk and would allot party ticket only to the winning candidates. He said because of presence of BSP in the poll fray the political situation in the state has changed as BSP would damage both BJP and Congress. Therefore, BJP had to be very careful while allotting the party tickets. Shanta Kumar said BJP would give a united fight to congress and it would be able to form the government in the state. He said Kangra district having sixteen assembly segments would play major roll in the state politics. If party wins twelve to fourteen seats from Kangra it would be in comfortable position to form the government in the state.

He said if the past history is taken into consideration the party who had secured maximum number of seats in Kangra district had ruled the state. He said in present scenario the BJP would lay its stress in Kangra to win over fourteen seats. In reply to a question he said , there was no question of taking support from any other party for the formation of government in the state because of the fact BJP would get absolute majority. He said BSP had no base in the state and social engineering formula of the BSP would never be successful in the state.

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