Election activities hot up in Bharmaur assembly constituency

bharmaur-chaurasi-temples.jpgTwo former rivals to contest once again.

With the election process for the three tribal seats of the state started on October 2oth, the political activities have heated up in the Bharmaur assembly segment of the Chamba district. This segment remains snow bound for more than six months and is divided into three parts namely Bharmaur, Holi and Pangi. There are nine non tribal panchayats and those too are extremely backward and needs tribal status.

The polling for this seat will take place on November 14 and the result will be declared on December 28 th along with other seats of the state.

This constituency is the largest among the other constituencies of the Chamba District, with an area of 3,841 square kilometers with the elector strength of 55,106 including 28,552 men and 26,554 women.

The total population of the assembly constituency as per 1991 census is 62,005.

Two former rivals, Thakur Singh Bharmauria of Congress and Tulsi Ram of BJP are the main contestants for this seat. They have fought amongst themselves for six times out of which Bharmauia emerged winners for four and Tulsi Ram for two times. Both candidates have already swung into action and have been keeping touch with their key voters and party office bearers and workers to garner the support of the masses.

Keeping in mind, the tough terrain of the area, snowy peaks and its link with the worst terrorist affected areas of Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir, the district administration had already started taking measures to stop the entry of anti national and anti social elements into the area from J&K side.

Patrolling has been stepped up by the security forces on the borders of Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh adjoining the terrorist-affected pockets of Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir in view of the first phase of Assembly elections in the Bharmaur tribal Assembly constituency, which goes to the polls on November 14.

An official spokesman told that the personals of Indian Reserve battalion, Himachal Armed Police and Indo Tibetan border police would be on duty in the area to keep utmost vigilance there.

Senior BJP leader and former chief minister, Prem Kumar Dhumal told that he would tour the area shortly to canvass for the party candidate. He said that Tulsi Ram had already visited the area not less than four times and his success was certain.

On other hand, Thakur Singh Bharmauria, MLA and Congress nominee said that his success was sure as he did a lot for the area during his present tenure. He claimed that massive development had taken place in the constituency and people of the area were well off now.

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  1. says: parul khanna

    Too much for journalism.

    Giving a Byline: By Chander Shekhar Sharma.

    And lifting the story straight from The Pioneer :

    An official spokesman told the Pioneer that the personals of Indian Reserve battalion, Himachal Armed Police and Indo Tibetan border police would be on duty in the area to keep utmost vigilance there.

    You think you guys won’t be caught. Web is a very small place to be discreet.

  2. says: Hema D

    The article makes an interesting reading unless it shocks you at the end with some lifted lines from ‘The Pioneer’. I doubt if the story is a first hand effort of the writer.
    Hema D.

  3. Thanks Parul Khanna,

    For pointing out the error.

    But let me offer some explanation. Some of the people voluntarily contributing news content for the site are media professionals who are working for other organisations also.

    Before passing a judgment, it may just be an oversight by the journalist which crept into this online post, which he may otherwise may have also filed for another organisation.

    Please rest assured, we are only trying to establish a credible peoples media site that caters to the state of Himachal Pradesh.

    Sometimes regular media, print or television does not have the space to cover maybe small but nonetheless important developments which we try to incorporate here.

    However, the error is regretted.

    Ravinder Makhaik

  4. Thanks Hema D

    Let me set the record straight.

    Chander Shekhar Sharma has not lifted the story from ‘The Pioneer’. In fact he is the Pioneer Correspondent at Hamirpur,

    Nonetheless the error is regretted.

    Ravinder Makhaik

  5. says: Avnish

    Our task here is to bring best of reporting! Mr. Sharma is esteemed member of this combined TEAM effort and is one of senior most journalist of Himachal and we are honored to have him here! Would request all to come forward and be part of the combined TEAM effort as afterall it all your own HIMACHAL! Not politician’s, not interest group’s, not government functionarie’s! Its people’s Himachal! And people’s voice matter and FEARLESS we will project it! As for as copyright issues are concerned, Mr. Makhaik has explained clearly. Most of the reporters contribute here on volunteer basis and errors do happens. And in future we will keep an eye. But what about some appreciation? You saw our one error but what about tens of good things we are doing?

  6. says: Parul Khanna

    What makes you believe that I’m with IE? I’m with the hospitality business in Delhi. Well that’s the world works. Good deeds go unnoticed. Any ways, I appreciate the work you are doing. But it looks bad when you feel associated with something and all of a sudden you feel cheated that you are not being fed original stuff but a copy paste from somewhere else. Why should I read a carbon copy. Better to read an original. And how are you differentiating yourself from others. Just on the basis of name and design?

    Just that we felt cheated when we think that some serious work is going on. That the journalist is not only cheating MH, but The Pioneer as well. He’s sending the same copy to two different organisations. Does he have an arrangement with The Pioneer? Do you have a syndication arrangement with The Pioneer?

    Anyways, these are ethical questions, which we raise. And I think these comments should not perturb you and be defensive about them. Rather should be taken in the right spirit to improve and keep your good work going on. We all learn from our mistakes. And it was a mistake not only on the part of the journo (senior, in question) here but on the part of the Editor as well, who missed such a glaring mistake.

  7. says: Ravinder Makhaik


    Cheating you was never the intention, getting the information across was.

    Engaging you and others with the portal is also our objective.

    Its readers like you who will keep us on our toes and motivate us to improvise.

    Regarding copyright, syndication and ethical matters, the internet is a nasty world.

    Look around not just copyright, open plagiarism devours out the good content that gets generated.

    Nevertheless your healthy criticism is welcome.

    Do keep contributing.

    Ravinder Makhaik
    My Himachal

  8. says: आपका एक हमदर्द

    लगता है आपके यहाँ भी राजनीती की सरगर्मियां पूरे जोर शोर से शुरू हो गयी हैं! कुछ लोग आपके विरोधी ज्यादा लगते हैं, हालांकि दुश्मन सिर्फ़ एक ही है …भ्रष्टाचारी राजनेता! काश जनता यह समझे की हम तो सब बस नेतागिरी के मारे हुए हैं…बाकि तो हम सब बस छोटे लोग हैं, जो कर सकते हैं थोड़ा बहुत करते हैं, बिना किसी फायदे के…

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