Dhumal alleges discrimination in allotment of funds under “Vikas mein jan sahyog programme”

Former Himachal chief minister and senior BJP leader, Prem Kumar Dhumal alleged discrimination in allotment of funds for the districts of Hamirpur, Una, Kangra, Chamba and Bilaspur under the Vikas main Jan sahyog programme of the state government. The planning department is authorized to allot the funds under the programme.  

In a strong worded statement here today, the BJP MP charged the officers of the department of Planning for playing mischief with the five districts of the state at the behest of their political masters. He demanded a probe into this and added that strict action was needed against those who deliberately committed this mischief.  

Under the programme, twenty-five percent funds are given by the local people and rest of seventy-five percent funds are given by the state government for carrying out various developmental activities under various areas of the state from where the funds were deposited in the government treasury.

Dhumal said that the figures showed that funds were given on basis of concocted figures rather than going through the actual figures, thereby causing harm to the people of these five districts.  

He quoted figures in which the districts of Sirmaur, Chamba, Hamirpur, Una, Kangra and Bilaspur were given funds to the tune of rupees 58.13 lakhs, 56.73 lakhs, 27.09 lakhs, 48.57 lakhs, 298.29 lakhs and 74.03 lakhs as against their respective share of rupees 125.60 lakhs, 122.56 lakhs, 94.45 lakhs, 102.70 lakhs, 338.89 lakhs and 79.37 lakhs respectively.

On other hand, official sources refused to comment on the allegations of the BJP leader.

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