Kullu Devta on the move

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The Devta’s come from various corners of the Kullu valley as remote as places like Shakti, Nirmund and insides of the Seraj Valley. One of the things that they refuse to do is to ride on vehicles. Whenever an attempt has been made to do so some tragedy has happened. This year it happened with Devi from Nirmund who like any other Good or Goddess like img_3994.JPGto walk to imgp2068.JPGmeet people and enjoy the beauty. However as the team was getting late they put the Rath ( chariot ) on the Jeep and met with an accident just 20 km short of Kullu where 5 people died on the spot.

One can call this coincidence or faith , but the Devtas of the Kullu valley ride on people from their village . This journey may go on for weeks for Devtas coming from far off lands but paying Homage to Shri Raghunathji is of prime importance.

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