Across the Roof of the World – August 16-31, 2008, A Himalayan Pilgrimage

With Dr. Jeff Salz

img_2142.JPG img_2083.JPG Passing through Hindu villages that time has passed by, we enter a true wilderness – a dense primeval forest deep with green grass and dotted with wildflowers. Traversing the Great Himalayan National Park we trek upward through lush meadows that give way to jagged landscape of alpine lakes peaks and glaciers of the high Himalaya until finally crossing the Pin Parvati pass we enter Spiti – a place of wild desolation, deep canyons and thousand year old Buddhist monasteries, high on the Tibetan plateau – the land that time forgot.

sun.JPG welcomes you to Across the Roof of the World – A Himalayan Pilgrimage with Dr. Jeff Salz. Covering a daily average distance of ten miles daily with a basic altitude of 13,000 feet – spanning two distinct environments with their own distinctive cultures and exhilarating scenery – this is a journey for those individuals bold of spirit and in good physical condition.

Porters carry our packs and an experienced and cheerful team of local guides, cooks and helpers tend to our comfort and safety throughout the trip.

This is truly the adventure of a lifetime!

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Why a Pilgrimage?

Defined as a journey to a shrine or a sacred place, the word pilgrimage aptly describes our journey. Our expedition takes us from Kullu – the Valley of a Thousand Gods – up into to the ancient land of Spiti, called by Rudyard Kipling ‘the place where the Gods live’. We make our way along trails shared only by holy men and snow leopards. Utilizing the power of ritual, yoga and council processes we draw ourselves into the sacredness of the landscape… and the sacredness of the landscape into ourselves. Through focus, attention and elevation of spirit, we see clearly that even this amazing journey is but an outward expression of the greatest adventure of all – the adventure within.

mail1.jpg mail22.jpgResponsible Ecotourism :

Joint Venture with SAHARA– Unlike other tour operators (many of whom are not locally based and often exploit the local population), SHA has a unique relationship with the regional Kullu Valley organization, SAHARA. SAHARA is a non-governmental society (NGO) of locally organized Kullu Valley villagers who are registered with the Government of India. SAHARA is dedicated to helping the local village people improve the quality of their lives by developing sustainable local economies (such as ecotourism). These are linked to the protection of the local environment. Our joint venture with SAHARA ensures that your fees actually help to support the local people and build sustainable livelihoods.


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