Shimla highway continues to consume human lives

SOLAN: The Kalka-Shimla national highway no 22 has consumed four more precious lives in past three days involving legal cell head of BJP. These lives were lost due to the rash and wrong driving by others .The deadly curves and certain dangerous points on highway were equally responsible for human losses reported on highway in past . Over the years the hundred of people have fallen victim to fatal accidents. In fact the highway that was being regularly used by the tourists and revelers for joy ride on large scale has turned bloody for motorists.

The motorists flow swallows manifold on weekend when tourists make beeline to hills. Most of them are not very accustoming to driving in hills. To add to the problem further the most of youth tourists are under liquor influence when they set back to return to their home after enjoying full day outing in hills.  Your browser may not support display of this image.

However outing turns tragic when these visitors to hills eventually fall victim to hilly road. The most of accident in past have happened during night involving drunken drivers. In fact the 25-km stretch of highway from Dharampur to Parwanoo is most dangerous where road moves along deep valley. The most tragic part is the non-availability of immediate help as most of accidents take place in odd hours of night.

The stretch has numerous sharp curves that make it an arduous task for motorists to drive freely. The mushrooming of roadside dhabas and eating joints have further aggravated to the problem. Despite high frequency of accidents the PWD has failed to put signboard at crucial points. The need of the hours is to put signboard at dangerous curves and locations alerting the motorists.

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