Planning Commission asks Himachal to do more for rural development, irrigation and flood control

cssep26.jpgShimla: Against a 2006-07 plan outlay of Rs 1860 crore, even though the state overshot the targeted expenditure ending up spending Rs 2017 crores, but Syeda Hameed, planning commission member asked administrative secretaries that more needed to be done in rural development, irrigation and flood control sectors.

Presiding over a review committee meeting of the progress in the current annual plan at Chandigarh, today Hameed said that the development pace needed to be accelerated, especially in rural development, irrigation and flood control. She stressed the need to take more steps for empowering women and improving their socio-economic conditions.

Chief secretary, Ravi Dhingra urged the planning commission to extend support for the hydro power schemes as they were important for the long term financial health of the state. He also asked for a separate central assistance package for meeting the infrastructure needs of transport and tourism sectors as this could not be met by normal plan ceilings.

Dhingra sought funding for a gravity water supply scheme for Shimla and for the accelerated rural water supply and irrigation schemes. He disclosed that that the state had achieved more than 100% targets under 20 point Programme and obtained number one rank in the country under poverty reduction. The chief secretary said that the state desired that the National Rural Employment Guarantee Assurance Scheme, under implementation in four districts need to be extended to the remaining eight other districts of the state.

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  1. Himachal has world heritage site comparable to ellora in single rock cut shiva temple of Masrur 22km from Kangra yet few know about it . It can become world tourism site. After extensive research on this 8th century monument with one hundred photograph i have compiled a book. I am looking to publisher as the Indian publisher are sceptic about promoting a site unknown. This needs internationall support. visit

  2. Professor Singh,

    Masrur is indeed an archaeological that holds tremendous tourist potential.

    On visiting the place about a decade ago when I was shooting a documentary film, the place held me in awe.

    Such craftsmanship and on that scale in a remote Himalayan region was simply too fascinating.

    Sadly, even in this information age, few know about it. I have not even come across a good research book on Masrur.

    Your work would enlighten a lot many people, and since you have spent precious time researching the subject, your efforts to find a publisher for it will mature.

  3. says: Prof NKSingh

    this is a great find. My book has been published by Har anand India and will be available soon. This is the rfirst attempt to give complete picture of this world heritage site known to no one including the government of himachal

  4. says: prof N.K.Singh

    On 18th of this month Chief Minister assured the seminar on Masrur temple that
    Prof N.K.Singh plan to promote tourism to Masrur and to enact his five point plan for making the site international will be acted upon by the government. This is beginning of making it a world heritage site.

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