Congress has accepted defeat prior to elections in Himachal says O.P. Dhankar

BJP united to face the electorate.

HAMIRPUR: While denying any differences amongst the state leadership on the issue of who will be the next chief minister of state in case the BJP comes to power in Himachal Pradesh, O.P.Dhankar, the assistant in-charge of BJP affairs in state said today that the party would announce their chief ministerial candidate at an appropriate time.

He also said there were no differences between the party’s top leaders from Himachal Pradesh — Prem Kumar Dhumal and Shanta Kumar, two former chief ministers of state.

Addressing a press conference here today, he said that the Congress had accepted its defeat by not nominating anyone as the leader to contest the next Vidhan sabha elections despite being in power. The party was in a nervous mood and would be wiped out from the political scenario of the state after next elections.

Dhankar said that it was first time that the Congress had decided not to project any one as the future chief minister is event of party coming to power. He said that the party leadership had believed that it had lost the faith of the masses under the leadership of Vir Bhadra Singh, the present chief minister.

He said that people of the state were disillusioned with the Congress for not implementing the last election manifesto especially jobs to one from each family. It was shocking to say that the chief minister had now declared during an interview that the party had made any commitment to this effect last time.

Replying to a question, who will head the BJP in the next elections, he said that this issue would be decided by the party high command. Shanta Kumar and Prem Kumar Dhumal, the two former chief ministers were working in unison for taking the party forward and there was no question of any differences amongst them on leadership issue.

He said that BJP does not see any threat from the BSP which was trying to emerge as a third alternative in the state. It has no future as it was irrelevant from the state point of view.

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