Sonia Gandhi’s daugther Priyanka buys farm house land near Shimla

With the registration of land completed, Priyanka Vadra, daughter of Sonia Gandhi, has become a resident of Himachal Pradesh and would, in all eventualities, be coming back for a stay at the hill cottage, each summer, close to the presidential estate at Charabara, about kilometers from the city centre.

Sources in the district administration disclosed that the land on behalf of Priyanka had been bought by Kehar Singh Khachi, a congress leader, who was authorized by the Vadra’s to complete the deal on their behalf. The land area transacted was 4 bighas and 5 biswas (about 1 acre) and the whole deal was struck at Rs 46.97 lakhs, of which Rs 25,000 was for registration charges and Rs 2.34 lakhs as stamp duty, sources revealed.

The property located in scenic surroundings is close to the Kalyani helipad, which is exclusively used by the president and has a deodar forest close by. The property belonged to Lenu Mal and Satish Chandra, a known business family from Shimla. Besides the open spaces, there is a old cottage and a small pond on the existing premises, which Priyanka is said to have visited twice before deciding to buy it.

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  1. says: Himachali

    To the best of my knowledge, Non Agriculturist Himachalies are forbidden to purchase the land in State. Though this is the main news item in all newspapers and other media theses days but no one has given explanation in this regard. I have come across many people who were discussing it and immediately concluded with the one line sentence-“Rules are made for fools and it is the principle of might is right which rules over rules”.

  2. says: One of your own

    I don’t think its problem with politicians or might is right!! The problem is with our country and its strong middle class. Basically its sleeping. India is so divided now, caste, race and party lines. Hindus, Muslims and between Hindus, mayawatis, Karunanidihis, Lalu yadavs and what not. Problem is no one spoke against blasts from UPA because they do not want to hurt minority. But the problem is we are making these people, the so called strong middle class who does not care more than their own children is giving away the country. I wonder people understand what kind of mess they are. Do people believe politicians will save them. Yesterday while watching muslim brother getting Rakhis from Hindu sisters and vice versa is real strength of India, all need to understand and minority needs to understand that to boo them politicians are doing everything but at the same time they need to understand that divide gap is widening. After 60 years we are again trapped in divide and rule. Things happen in India, blasts happen, politicians come and go, divide us and in fact they are putting venom which I don’t think even if Mahatama Gandhi or Bose comes back and can clean, because this is our own venom, British are gone, they were easy to get rid off! I wonder how we are going to get rid of these politicians? Wake up India, wake up! No one is coming, Ram or Rahim is not coming, it was your own freedom fighters who came within you and liberated you and again you have to give birth to those strong souls to liberate you and again after 50 some years! But for now its the TIME!

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