Register a murder case about the boys death – Satpal Jain

Terming it as a complete breakdown of constitutional authority, Satpal Jain, BJP party incharge for Himachal, demanded that article 356 needed to evoke to dismiss the congress government as yesterday the clash between workers of two political parties had occurred in the presence of chief minister Virbhadra Singh and his cabinet colleagues.

He also demanded that a murder case about the death of 4 year old boy Dinesh be got registered and the matter be inquired into. “Has the administration registered a murder case about the boys death,” Jain sought to know adding “whosoever is at fault should be held accountable and punished.”

Talking to the media Jain said that maintaining law and order is the governments responsibility and instead of abiding by the law, the government provoked the unwarranted situation by deciding to hold a parallel rally on the same day and at the same venue where BJP had announced its intentions to so much earlier. Jain demanded holding of an judicial or CBI inquiry into the whole incident, which included the death of the child. He also asked the congress leaders not to set precedents which they would find difficult to abide by when they find themselves in the opposition, five months later.

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