Virbhadra Blames BJP for violence at congress rally


New Delhi
A report has published in section of press based on statement of Sh. Shanta Kumar B.J.P. leader, which is totally fabricated and baseless. The fact is that Congress Party and B.J.P. were permitted by Shimla district administration to hold the rallies at Shimla on last day of the Vidhan Sabha session and specific sites were allotted to both the parties for holding the meetings.

The B.J.P. was permitted in writing by district administration to hold meeting at Dr. Ambedkar Chowk up to the police barrier. The party was also assigned the route of entry for the meeting from tunnel number 103. Similarly Congress party was also allotted KENNEDY CHOWK and roads leading to it for holding the meeting. After dispersing Mr. Shanta Kumar incited a section of BJP workers to march with him to the site where congress meeting was in progress. They walked on Shimla-Kalka national highway and reached the point from where road diverts to Kennedy Chowk. BJP workers pushed aside the police force deployed at the entry point and tried to forcibly enter the congress meeting area which was resisted by the police as well the congress rallyists who were listening to the speeches made by Congress Leaders. BJP workers threw stones on congress workers and beat some of them, as a result of it a few congress workers received grievous injuries.

The basic question Mr. Shanta Kumar should reply is as to why he tried to enter the area and disrupt congress meeting in progress and that the venue was specifically assigned to the congress party.

I am grateful to congress workers and sympathizer that in spite of great provocation they remained peaceful.

This action of Mr. Shanta Kumar was a deliberate attempt to create violence which arouse out of his frustrations and failure of BJP meetings which was rejected by the people. It also reflect the inner infighting within BJP where the struggle for leadership going on in state.

I want to make it very clear that Congress party though in power, it has the right to hold political meetings and demonstrations like any other political party. The Congress Party believes in peace and are against any kind of violence. Mr. Shanta Kumar and Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal who were leading this Mob should apologies to the peace loving people of the state for attempting force entry and trying to disrupt congress meeting which was resisted by police and congress workers and sympathizers.

BJP workers were fully equipped with stones and lathis and congress workers have been injured by stone throwing .
We strongly condemned the irresponsible behavior of Sh. Shanta Kumar and Sh. Prem Kumar Dhumal.

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