Panchyat members locked in by the angry women of Badag village

Fall out of anti liquor movement of local Mahila Mandal

NAHAN : In an unprecedented move women throng from different villages of Badag Panchyat in Sangrah Tehsil, about 95 K.M. from here locked President, members and some other functionaries inside the Panchyat Bhawan after hot exchanges between Panchyat President and women on the issue of issuing No Objection Certificate [NOC] by the Panchyat to open a liquor vend in the Badag village.

According to eyewitnesses a large number of women and male members of Panchyat area came in the Panchyat meeting and starting questioning President and other functionaries of the Gram Panchyat as how NOC was issued to the liquor contractor for opening a liquor vend in the Badag village without consulting the local residents who were totally opposing the vend. Hot exchanges and noisy scene were reportedly witnessed between Panchyat Pressident, Promila Chauhan, her supporters and local women.

Trouble started immediately after women were reportedly asked to vacate the Panchyat Ghar and were threatened to register a case against them for creating hindrance in the government work and other allegations. This was the reason that women and other residents lost their calm. Residents asserted that they have every right to inquire about the act and conduct of their elected representatives and any matter pursued by the Panchyat. They also enjoy their constitutional right to come to the Panchyat Ghar for any work or enquiry related to the Panchyat at any time.

When Panchyat functionaries reportedly restricted to their stand the Panchyat Ghar was reportedly locked by the angry women. As per reports Panchyat President Promila Chauhan, panchyat members Dhanbir Singh, Ramesh and Raksha Devi, a primary teacher Kali Ram posted in the Sanag Primary School and Tulia Ram a resident of Lawali village were locked inside. As per report this incident took place this after noon.

After getting information police parties led by Assitant Sub Inspector, Bihari Lal and ASI Chanan Singhn from Renuka Police Station and Sangrah police post respectively were rushed to Badag village which is around 26 K.M. away from Sangrah, said Manish Chauhan, S.H.O. Renuka.He confirmed late this evening that police party has opened the Panchyat Ghar and Panchyat functionaries and other people were released. He said that a case under section 342 has been registered against the agitating women. Police parties had perused agitators to agitate against the liquor vend under legal framework and not to take law in their hand, added SHO. He said that police parties were investigating the matter and persons who took law in their hands were being identified.

Gopal Singh and Deep Ram both former presidents of the Badag Panchyat has announced their support to the agitating women against the liquor vend. They claimed that ‘every one in the Panchyat was in support of the agitating women, except few persons perusing their personal agenda’. They also announced that they would fight against the ‘autocratic working’ of the local Panchyat.

It may be recalled that on 30th of July agitating women members of Mahila Mandal of Badag village had put a lock on the liquor vend.Women members which included Vimla Devi, Shanti Devi, Vidya Devi, Durga Devi and Belmenti had alleged that they were opposing opening of the liquor vend in their village from the very beginning but Administration did not hear their voice. They made several representations but all in vain.

They also had alleged that selling liquor in their village had sent wrong message among the young generation and earning hand person of poor families were spending their hard earned money on the liquor in place of arranging two ends for their families.

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