Clash, firing in Jadol Taproli village, four injured including son of senior congress leader

NAHAN :Today a land dispute resulted in a bloody battle between two parties in the Jadol Taproli village of Rajgarh Sub division, about 130 K. M. from here in which four persons were injured one of them sustained bullet injury.

Rajgarh police rushed to Jadol Taproli village this after noon after information about gun firing, which injured son of senior Congress leader of Rajgarh area Mian Durga Singh Thakur came in. As per information received here Surat Singh resident of same village fired shots from his licensed gun on Rajesh son of Durga Singh Thakur today who received bullet injuries in the hand. The firing incident reportedly took place after an alleged clash between Rajesh and four members of the family of Surat Singh including his sons took place.

Sources said that when this incident took place a meeting of villagers was in progress in the village to resolve the land dispute between both parties. For the past one week some villagers were making efforts to resolve the issue. Sources said that Rajesh was all alone going towards the disputed land with sowing instrument when reportedly he had to face four opponents while fifth person allegedly fired on him.

Dy S.P. Rajgarh Mr Virender Kalia told this correspondent over cell phone from the Jadol Taprkoli village this evening, after making several efforts to contact him, said that Shankru a resident of the area was the man behind the whole controversy. DSP said that it was found during the preliminary investigations that Shankru first entered in to agreement to sale his around two and half bigha of land to Mian Durga Singh in 50 thousand of rupees and reportedly received major amount of money as in advance. After a few days Shankru allegedly sold his same piece of land to Surat Singh in 70 thousand of rupees. In this regard some civil suits were also pending in the courts.

Mr Kalia said that four persons including Rajesh have been injured in the clash and firing incident. He confirmed that Surat Singh fired from his licensed gun and was absconding from the village. He said that five persons have been rounded up and sent for medical examination including four members belonging to the family of Surat Singh who had clashed with Rajesh.

DSP said that cross F.I.R.s would be registered in the case. He added that police parties have been dispatched to nab Surat Singh. He however made it clear that bullet did not cause serious injury to Rajesh who was being treated in the Rajgarh hospital.

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