BJP rags Congress for problems, backwardness in Sirmour

NAHAN: Mr. Baldev Bhandari, district President BJP Sirmour at a press conference here today claimed that hundreds of vehicles loaded with tomato and other off season vegetable had been stranded in the different parts of district for the past three days due to closure of dozens of Katcha roads approaching the inner parts of the district. He alleged that government seems quite unconcerned about this problem, no extra efforts were being taken up to immediately reopen these roads.

He ragged district administration of Sirmour for not making any pre monsoon arrangements to keep dozens of link roads open in harvesting season of off season vegetables. He claimed that administration was not sensitive enough to understand the problem faced by the farmers who were watching helplessly rotting their cash crop in the fields and loaded trucks due to closure of roads which were life lines in the villages.

He said that a large number of villages in the district were without any link road, people have to walk several kilometer on foot to reach on the road side, it was the main reason that due to heavy cost of carriage farmers of the district save nothing after selling their cash crops. There were Katcha link roads in the interior of the district which get closed in the first shower of season. He alleged that Congress never bothered for the development of Sirmour during its 50 years rule in Himachal Pradesh. Resultantly Sirmour legged behind in every field of development and was pushed to the worse. Recently government of India had to declare Sirmour as most backward district of Himachal Pradesh and put it in the list 200 most back ward districts of the country.

Mr. Bhandari said that to strengthen the party in the district a programme ‘BJP on every booth’ had been launched in the district. During this campaign senior leaders of the state would visit every village and activate every old and new worker of the party forgetting all old odds, to bring the party in the power. For the five assembly constituencies of the district Mr Rajeev Bindal, MLA would look after the campaign in Pacchad, former Mahila Morcha President Bimla Kashyap Nahan, Member Parliament Suresh Bhardwaj Paonta, State Party secretary Heera Nand Kashyap Renuka and in Shillai assembly segment former minister J. P. Nadda would monitor the campaign.

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  1. says: Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    It is very unfortunate that the fruits of economic development in Himachal Pradesh are not shared with Sirmaur district, who produced the man behind the creation of Himachal Pradesh. People living in urban areas cannot ever understand the economic compulsions and the conditions of poor Sirmauri Labourers struggling daily to earn bread in their own so called leading state of India. I know many places like Khanana in Shilai tehsil where people do not have electricity even after 60 years of independence and hundred percent electrification claims.

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