Anti terrorist front demands CBI probe into Hydrabad blasts

Dr Viresh Shandilya, National President of Anti Terrorist Front of India while addressing media persons at Paonta Sahib today demanded CBI probe in to Hydrabad bomb blasts and to give immediate relief of rupees ten lacs with government job to one person of each family of victims.

Mr Shandilya alleged that all terrorists activities in this country were being run by Pakistan and Indian government should reply in a language ‘tit for tat’. He announced that his organization will demonstrate in front of Pakistan High command and burn national flag of Pakistan. He further said that such demonstrations would be organized thought northern India.

He opposed creation of an herbal garden near Ambala air base and apprehended that it would be a easy way for Pakistani agents and terrorists to infiltrate in the military area posing a threat to the security of nation.

He surprised every one by demanding inclusion of G.S. Bali, former minister facing a judicial probe in birth day party episode, in to the state cabinet. He warned that if Bali was not inducted in the cabinet within one month time, workers of the front would sit on Dharna in the home town of Chief Minister to press their demand. 

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  1. says: Avinash Shukla


    In early 80s, when I was a college student in Kanpur (UP), I was highly ambitious to join Armed Forces. I took first step by joining National Cadet Corps. I was a smart and regular Cadet. Although, I was from urban background, but during those days, NCC was supposed to be joined by students having backward or rural background and wearing khaki dress, army boots and having army style hair cut was not acceptable to urban youths who were proud of their stylish hairstyle, clean shaven face, fashionable jeans, T- Shirts and sports shoes etc. These fashionable urban youths often use to make fun of NCC Cadets. In nutshell, we were laughing stuff and supposed to be backward. Unfortunately, those fashionable youths of 80s are middle aged citizens of today and as and when there is a Terrorist Attack in any part of the country, these fashionable urban youths of 80s and their children start making great hue and cry, accusing to the Government, Police and Politicians for failure or lapses in their security. These spineless people should keep in mind that Government can not provide security cover to each and every citizen. On the other hand, it is duty of each citizen to be vigilant towards his security as well as security of other citizens and the nation. The only solution to face the problem of Terrorism is that NCC Training should be made compulsory in schools and collages so that our coming generation should be well versed with army lifestyle. They should also be trained to operate sophisticated weapons and tactics to face the Terrorists with iron will and they should be trained in such a manner that they can save not only their lives but also lives of other innocent citizens and stand shoulder to shoulder with the police and army in the hour of crisis. Just think, if a million Indians stand to safeguard their motherland from the unholy intentions of Terrorists, the Terrorists from any part of the world will not get safe place to even stand in this country and they will have no option except to take shelter in the mortuary like nine terrorists of 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attack. Jai Hind. Contributed by Avinash Shukla, Sub Editor, VSP, ILI Building, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi-1. 9350585225

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