Venus-Lunar Love knot over Himalayan sky

Dharmashala: Monday dusk was not ordinary evening for beautiful horizon of Himachal Pradesh. Immediately after the sun big good bye to the dark green hills of this fairy land, it was the turn of blue sky to present a rare moment for the people of hills. Around 8 PM public was overwhelmed as it glanced towards western sky. On usual days there happen to be a half moon with countless tiny stars in that particular area, but Monday late evening was a little more special. People watched a very bright star near to lunar side. In fact it was planet Venus, which came so close to the moon. This rare moment was visible after a gape of 29 years in Himachal along with the different parts of globe.

Moreover, it was speculated that it was first time after countless years that visibility was so bright in this area. It was because in many parts of the state, evening sky was clear and people enjoyed the heavenly gift for nearly two hours. The Venus kept coming closer to the moon and during this period almost every person became the witness of this proceeding. That’s not all above the incident. As we believe, that stars guide the destiny of mankind. Therefore astrologers at once came in to action and claimed that this event has led to the fulfillment of love desires. They claimed that God has given a clear hand to the love seekers.

Famous Jyotishaacharya Suresh Shastri of Hamirpur claimed that as the love Planet Venus has come so near to the moon, the guiding planet of “Shanti” the incident has some specific implications. According to Shashtri, God has given green signal to those, who are waiting hard for marriage or having sore relationship with their loving once.

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