Himachal govt. committed for protection of fragile ecology of Himalayas

A Government Spokesman said in Shimla that the present State Government was implementing the developmental works keeping in view the safeguard of our environment and added that it has also been ensured that degradation of environment would not be allowed at any cost while carrying out the developmental activities in the State.

He said that State had about Rs. one lakh crore forest wealth and the people of the State derived the direct benefits of worth Rs. 1,000 crore every year out of it.

He said that Himachal Pradesh was the 1st State in the country which imposed ban on green felling way back in last three decades which not only protected the environment of the State but also maintain the water level in rivers flowing in the State.

The Spokesman said that Government has also decided to implement areas-wise tourism projects in different districts of the State which include Ski Village Project for Kullu district, development of Chanshal slopes for skiing, Buddhist tourist circuits, Kangra-Chamba- Mandi- Bilaspur

Spokesman said that State Government would get Rs. 10 crore revenue from the proposed Ski village ambitious project in Kullu district in the 1st year which would be about Rs. 100 crore by 2013-14.

He said that 3500 employment avenues would be generated and 70 percent job opportunities given to Himachalis in this project.

He said that besides a vocational training institute would be set up at Manali by the project authority which would provide training to the youth in adventure sports activities and hospitality. He said that ski training was being imparted to the local youth and about 77 youth were also imparted training in abroad which would continue for next two years.

Commenting on recent views of famous environmentalists and crusader of Chipko Andolan Sunder Lal Bahuguna over protection of Himalayan regions, the Spokesman said that State Government ensured environment protection besides accelerating pace of development and added that misconceptions spread in this regard were far way from the reality.

He said that sea change would be witnessed in the areas with the completion of Himalayan Ski Village project and added that the Government decided to implement the project keeping in view all aspects pertaining to the project. He further said that implementation agreement was signed on 5th June, 2006 while DPR was handed over to the State Government on 3rd March, 2007.

He said that under the implementing agreement, the project authority has to invest 135 million U.S. dollar in five years duration of the project which was of Rs. 553.50 crore of Indian currency. He said that Rs. 1581.10 crore of the total investment would be spent in the initial five years on the project. He said that Ski Village Project would not only boost to the tourism activities in the areas but winter sports promoted to a great extent and the State also emerge on the winter sports map of the world.

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  1. says: Anonymous

    With more than 18,000 Crore debt, Himachal needs to find ways to bring money. And if that does not happen then be ready for more unemployment and salary less jobs. Other than tourism, hydro and apples, Himachal has nothing, not even vegetables or Milk which it can sell to other states and then bring money.

    With changing times, salaries and expenses are going up and state government is doing whatever it can do to bring more revenue. People wonder if Bahuguna or Patekar were able to stop Narmada dam? Above that if you cant show ways for development and for bringing jobs and revenue then you have no right to protest. How many people associated with agitation are trained environmentalists. Till date US destroyed environment and now global warming started happening so they are diverting attention to all other countries, the way developed nation exploit energy to be in front, developing nations never ever touch even 10-20% of that.

    Its all western campaign against India, we are developed and you do nothing which would let you be developed.

    Its time Himachalis rise and protest anything which is against development! All need to rise and build a strong voice to bring more jobs and revenue so all can benefit. Environment is important and all a humane being can do is responsible development. Which Himalayan ski village is taking care of!

  2. says: Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    Himachal Pradesh is the first state in country which has imposed a ban on green felling. In such a situation, the total forests area and its density should increase in the state.
    But the reality is somewhat different. Between the years 2001 and 2003 alone, dense forest cover declined by 10% and contributed to increase in open forest cover. In addition to it, about 7 hectares of forest cover was also lost during this period.
    These scientific estimates by Forest Survey of India are very serious in nature. People at the helm of affairs only want to get first position in the country without having any proper implementation strategy for checking deforestation and forest degradation. They perhaps do not want to understand and highlight the difference in degree of damage done by the native households and the politically powerful “Forest Mafias”.

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