Governor Releases book on Astrology

govjune7a.jpgV.S. Kokje, Governor of Himachal Pradesh today released a book on Astrology titled “Panch Mahapursha Yoga in Astrology” written by Mrs. Neela Rajgopal from Gohar, District Mandi at Rajbhawan, Shimla.

This book is an in depth study of the five yogas that enhance positive indications in life as our ancient Shashtras refer to the presence of different yogas in natal horoscopes which define the personality and traits of an individual. This book also aims to analyze the factors, which plays a major role while interpretation of any planetary placement or combination in Natal Chart. Thus the book analyses the theory and evaluates the reasons for varied results related to this yoga.

The another has written two more books titled “spiritual Traditions in India and Vedic Astrology” on “Complete Vaastu Shastra” which are to be shortly released. Currently she is working on “Gandhi” Autobiography and his natal chart.

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