Angry over bad results of Bankala Senior Secondary School residents of surrounding over eight villages today assembled in front of School under the leadership of local Panchyat President Davender Rana and started shouting slogans against the Principal, teachers of the school land Education department. They alleged that school had produced shameless results of mainly eighth and tenth classes.

Protesters soon entered in the school compound and ground principal and other staff members for hours. They continued raising slogans and alleged that school staff was sole responsible for the bad results. Villagers sat on Dharna in the school compound and demanded immediate transfer of total staff of the school including School Principal.

Villagers turned very aggressive more than one time and it seem that situation may go out of control however some people controlled them very soberly by pacifying them not to indulge in violent activities otherwise they would not be able to achieve their real goal. Some villagers had allegedly brought locks to lock premises of the school but they were pacified not to do so by several Protestants and controlled the situation.

Talking to media persons in the school compound Mr. Davender Rana, President of local Panchyat and several other protesters alleged that school staff was least interested in teaching and pay more attention for other activities of personal interests. They said that this year producing shameless results, only ten students have passed 8th class out of total 98 students appeared in the examination from the School, the pass percentage is around 10 percent. Similarly in class tenth out of 147 total enrolled students 130 have failed, the pass percent is below 12 percent. They said that they had sent representations to the Chief Minister of the state and Director Education also apprising the situation. They alleged that most of the teachers here come from Paonta or Nahan side baring a few they pay little attention to the studies.

School Principal Ishwer Dass had no specific answer of the allegations leveled by the residents. He however said that children come in the school for few hours rest of the time remains at their homes, it was the responsibility of parents also to look after the studies of their wards properly and visit school if their wards were having any problem.

It is pertinent to mention here that people at several places in the rural areas of Sirmour district this year had resented the bad results of their schools. It is learnt that in many schools in Shillai and Renuka areas, schools have produced zero or below ten percent results of eighth and tenth classes. People allege that it was all due to absence of any accountability of teachers fixed by the state government. Had the accountability fixed or their salaries linked to the results produced by them ‘education in government schools had reached to a new height’ said retired head master of government school watching protest at Bankala which is at a distance of ten Kilometer from Nahan.

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