Renuka dam outsees demand fresh survey of affected families

Mr Yogender Kapila, Chairman, Renuka Dam Outsees Sangharsh Samiti in a press statement disclosed here today that in a meeting of outsees held last evening at Dadahu it has been unanimously agreed to submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh during his forth coming visit to Sangrah area on 30th of May next.

Mr. Kapila said that a deputation of outsees met Renuka Dam authorities and conveyed their concern over the present status of survey of families to be displaced due to construction of Dam. At present, as per the record prepared by the Dam authorities, only 211 families have been shown to be displaced. Sanghrash Samiti claimed that there were nearly one thousand families who would lose their homes and land. Mr. Kapila adds that survey conducted by the Dam authorities was around twenty years old.

He said that Samiti had demanded fresh survey of outsees families on the basis of Panchyat record not as per revenue record. They have demanded five bigha land and a house for every displaced family with government job to a family member. Outsees have made clear that nothing less than market price of the land was acceptable to them which is rupees 20 lakh per bigha for fertile and rupees 6 lakh per bigha for uncultivable land.

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