Himachal got 21 new colleges in one year

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The State Government has opened 21 new degree colleges in one financial year, made them functional, provided Rs. 5 crore each for infrastructure building and emerge ahead in quality education in the rural areas.

Chief Minister stated this while addressing 12th Annual Prize Distribution Function of Degree College, Seema (Rohru) after he distributed prizes amongst the meritorious students in academics, extra-curricular and cultural activities today.

Chief Minister said that his Government was committed to provide quality education to make Himachal Pradesh a knowledge Hub in participation with private players for which the State had enacted a legislation in the State.

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  1. says: Dinesh Singh

    How about opening 21 new engineering colleges. When whole India is imparting techincal education, Himachal is doing B.Ed. and B.Sc. and BA/MA courses. When exactly HP government going to realise that its technical age not teaching or government service!

    Irony is that HP not being rich state, people depend heabily on government and its decisions, if policy planners of Himachal think that by opening these colleges they can make every one employed then I think they are living in stone age and never listen to public.

  2. says: Avnish Katoch

    Exactly! How do we do that, how do we bring government policy makers to a dialogue? How do we make public opinion, why the people are so not aware and come to single platform for their own causes? These are the hard questions which we all need to work together and build an opinion which ultimately can help formulate government policies.

  3. says: Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    Himachali youth no longer needs to study the traditional courses that are taught in these degree colleges. With the growing private sector and declining government jobs, there exists a complete mismatch between demand and supply of human resource in Himachal Pradesh in the recent years. The need of the hour is to empower Himachali youth for the national/international job market. People must also stop beating the drums for such causes. However, such an advice may not work as long as the people are well educated and rational.

  4. says: Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    It is very difficult to expect a well educated and rational society with the present educational set up. The quality of education is almost ruined. Increase in the figures seems the only motive for public spending. Ad hocism and the backdoor entries in recent past show the apathetic attitude of our policy makers towards the most important sector. Development in any part of the world is achieved mainly due to the highly developed human resource.

    My Himachal is a great platform for the people having concern for Himachal Pradesh. The open discussions that emerge here can contribute to influence people and policies, provided that the people are made more than just ‘literates’ and elite class of politicians and beurocrates framing policies become truly democratic.

  5. I totally agree with Dinesh and Rakesh, that what Himachal needs today is quality in the field of education and not quantity. Recently one of my friends went to Baddi with a view to study the possibility of starting a BPO there. He returned back disgusted with the situation there. According to him, he found lot of graduates there with History, political science and Hindi. But he could not find even ten people who could be employed in a BPO. People from Chandigarh and surrounding places were found suitable but they had no place to stay nearby. He shelved the idea and came back. Once long back I read in a book perhaps ‘Asian Drama’ which stated that India produces maximum number of graduates in world. But they do not produce technical experts. Today I think that holds good for Himachal only.

  6. says: vijay

    When the whole world is going for technical education I am not getting why my state Govt. is spending so much for the traditional courses.We cant change our History but we can design our Future by taking strong steps in Present. Today we only need Technical or some education which can make the youth self-dependent.

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