वह होली के दिन खेल गया खून की होली!

us.jpg आज प्रात: मंडी शहर, सोली खड्ड के समीप एक बस चालक ने 10 वर्षिय बच्चे को कुचल दिया तथा घटना स्थल से कर भाग गया| बताया जाता है कि बच्चा भूली गांव का रहने वाला था तथा होली के रंग खरीदने बाजार आया था ड्राईवर के भागने पर लोंगों ने बस को क्षतिग्रस्त कर दिया|

Tribune story
Holi festivities in the town today turned ill fated when violent residents in Sauli Khud locality on Manali Higway damaged an HRTC bus after it crushed a boy to death at 11.30 am.

The residents celebrating the festival of colours, converged on the scene of the accident and damaged the bus badly. The Mandi Sadar police managed the crowd as they were about to burn the bus, impounded the bus and arrested the driver.

The Boy was identified as Pankaj Malhotra (13), son of Mahesh Malhotra, a resident of Sauli Khad. He was celebrating Holi with his friends on the highway that passes through the locality when the Manali-Shimla bus hit him, killing him on the spot. The angry people blamed the driver for overtaking at high speed while this accident took place.

ASP Rajesh Dharmnai said driver Onkar Singh had been arrested under Section 279, 336 and 304-A, IPC.

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