My Himachal sponsored health worker’s training update

In November 2006, we completed our first batch of training community health workers. It was an intense, learning and fun three weeks workingimgp9837small.JPG with 16 village women living in the two rooms downstairs of Jibhi clinic. We enjoyed working women from SAHARA NGO from neighbouring Gushaini valley as well as health workers from around our Jibhi clinic. Training involved mixing ORS solution, dramas, clinical scenarios, making splints and teaching others about nutrition. Doctors and clinicians from Manali base of LWH were present for different modules making it a fun and diverse range of lectures, workshops and clinical scenarios. Health workers were very enthusiastic about the course.

Some comments were:

“It was the best teaching I’ve ever had. I felt I was learning all the time.”

“I really enjoyed having a chance to do practical things. I liked the session about back pain, using the skeleton and learning exercises to do”

“This is the kind of thing I wanted to learn for a long time. We wanted to keep learning even in the evenings.”

imgp9862small.JPGA further week of clinical training is scheduled in Manali for 19 – 14 February. This will provide opportunity to refresh clinical skills as well as see a great number of patients. Following We are grateful for support of this training component by My Himachal, a non-profit, non-religious and a non-political organization whose mission is to preserve Himachal culture, and promote, social and economic interests of Himachal Pradesh and its people worldwide.

Update by Dr. Kaaren Mathias

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