Himachal to connect every Gram Panchayat with motorable road by March, 2008

kandi1.jpgPreservation and promotion of rich cultural heritage was necessary for the prosperity and progress of any community and the members of Gaddi Community had been contributing significantly towards upholding their customs and traditions.

Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister stated this while addressing a public meeting at Kandi near Palampur in district Kangra on the 6th day of his winter sojourn to the lower areas of the State. He dedicated Kandi bridge over Neugal khad constructed at a cost of Rs. 4.13 crore and Kandi-Bhagotla Augmented Water Supply Scheme constructed at a cost of Rs. 60.17 lakh today.

Chief Minister said that Himachal Pradesh was rich in culture and it varied from place to place presenting a rainbow of diversity. He said that the State had tribal communities which had their unique culture of their own. He said that it was a matter of great appreciation that the tribal communities of the State had been upholding their rich culture and traditions which made them distinct from others. He said that preserving the culture was essential for the maintenance of the identity of specific community.

Virbhadra Singh said that road and education were two essential sectors required for the development of any area. He said that roads were instrumental in delivering the benefits of development to the far- flung areas while the education enlightened the people about the development taking place in their areas. He said that his Government had made it a target to connect every gram panchayat with motorable road by March, 2008. He said that it formed the part of election manifesto of the Congress Party which had been adopted as the policy document of the State Government and every department had been directed to implement the same in letter and spirit.

Chief Minister reiterated the resolve of his Government to provide adequate funds for the developmental needs of the people of Kangra especially Palampur so that speedy development could take place and basic infrastructure was made available.

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