Himachal envisions gravitational water supply scheme for Shimla

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The State Government has envisioned gravitational water supply scheme for Shimla town from Pabbar river. This was disclosed by Shri Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister while addressing a public meeting in the closing ceremony of the three day long Gumma Fair in District Shimla today.

He said that the requirement of drinking water had increased for Shimla town manifold and many small schemes had been added to the original Gumma water supply scheme but still the demand for adequate drinking water persists. He said that the gravitational water supply scheme would be able to solve the problem for more than 50 years to come. He said that detailed project report was being prepared to initiate the work of the project on priority.

Chief Minister said that ground water needed to be exploited with utmost care and for bonafide purposes so that no wastage of water could take place. He said that Haryali and Watershed Programmes were being implemented all over the State to recharge the traditional water bodies and to feed the water supply and irrigation schemes. He said that his Government had made it mandatory for every house owner falling under Town Planning Act to incorporate rainwater harvesting structures in their buildings so that drinking water was not wasted for other purposes. He added that concerned authorities had been directed to advise the villagers also to incorporate rainwater harvesting structures in or around their buildings. He said that it could help in saving the drinking water and utilize the rainwater for miscellaneous purposes.

Shri Virbhadra singh said that Gumma pump house had been constructed during the British regime and was upgraded from time to time to maintain regular water supply for Shimla town. He thanked the people of the area for cooperating with the administration and maintaining the regular water supply from the area.

Shri Virbhadra Singh said that every gram panchayat had been directed to select beneficiaries under various welfare schemes by maintaining neutrality in the selection procedure . He said that State Government was spending 48 percent of its budget over social welfare activities. He said that funds would not be any constraint in providing social security pension to every eligible person in the State since his Government was committed to cater to the welfare needs of poorest of the poor and deliver them benefits of the schemes envisioned for them. He added that Government was spending Rs. 54 crore annually to provide social security pension to 2,12,250 eligible persons in the State.

Chief Minister said that the State was culturally rich and fairs and festivals were celebrated with great enthusiasm and added that people who have deep rooted cultural values progress speedily as compared to others. He emphasized the need for preservation of cultural heritage so that coming generation could also be aware of it.



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