Industrial package extension to Himachal

One thing I would like to clear is, I am not a political person. I don’t lean towards a single party, instead I support the right people. The mentality, which we all use to have in India, that we are pro this party because our family is so, seems to be over with. I think I can write a complete post about this but just to clear one thing, this post, which I am writing, is not to support a person or party but to support the real Himachali TEAM work, which we all need in HP.

In recent days CM Virbhadra Singh came open and totally blocked any cooperation with Punjab and Haryana and protested and denied any cooperation to them because they are trying to sabotage the tax free status extended to Himachal!

Before I go in much detail, let me tell you why it is important:

I come from Baijnath area in Kangra district and adjoining Mandi district has a Shanan power house which is still owned by Punjab Government.The reason is simple it was built by British and after that this part of HP was in Punjab till 1971 so they are supposed to own it.

Now which state in India has something like this setup, where exactly other state owns major projects because earlier, that state was part of it? I would like the readers to educate me, after all Uttranchal, Jharkhand are newly created.

Up above that Punjab and Haryana are sitting on more that Rs. 10,000 Crore worth arrears, that’s the money they need to pay to HP for the power they bought from HP. And HP govt. is struggling hard to get rid of Rs.15,000/- Crore debt it has.

Where is HP’s public, why are they lying low? Why the heck they never protest against the neighboring states. Tamilnadu and Karnatka people are so tough on Godavari water issues.

Its in fact Kudos for HP CM to come ahead and protest against the step-brotherly treatment to HP by Haryana and Punjab. They are protesting because HP got the industrial package once again, don’t we need it? After all we are just 35 years old state and up above that we have negligible industry and we are a rising state, which is opening up for more development. Till date most of us just drove taxis in Punjab, Delhi and Mumbai, worked in hotels in these areas, why the heck people are not coming forward and protesting, after all its for their own development.

For one I am protesting with big and louder voice. What the heck, I protest and demand Punjab and Haryana pay back Himachal’s dues! Punjab has enough development already and Haryana is reaping benefits like anything from industry in Gurgaon and other areas.

I think this is the time that HP people also get development!

So I request all, this is for your own development, when Industry comes, even if you are not part of that, you benefit out of it, people get jobs, more business opportunities and society as whole develops.

So I think we all need to raise our voice and support the government and get things straightened up! Lets come out of Politics of all this, lets not say that Virbhadra is doing this for his own political carrier, lets not say instead of 3 years, we should get 6 years and its not worth from center, lets say we should get 6 years but then for now we have 3 years, lets take best benefit out of this.

At one hand HP has 3 years tax benefits and now is the right time to bring Industry to Himachal. And it takes a lot of time to setup even a small shop and one can imagine 3 years are less, but then lets all work together and strengthen hands of government and fight to get our dues back from Punjab and Haryana. Its your own money, if for a day government would go bankrupt, they wont have money to pay salaries, look at Bihar, people dont get paid for months.

So instead of looking at why the heck this govt. is doing all this, lets protest strongly with Punjab and Haryana and fight the battle to get the money back!
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  1. says: Avnish Katoch


    Need of the hour is to unite and work as one voice! To build image of HP, not only from govt. sector but from people, all need to work together. So much of investment is coming to India and how much and how diligently state govt. is taking care of HP’s interests this needs to seen.

    Shanan’s example is there and I wonder in future how many of present sanctioned projects would be in Himachal’s interest.

  2. says: sanjeev

    hi avnish,
    i totally agree with u………….recently The Times on India carried an article on urbanisation in india…..and which states in India would be urbanised by 2026………..and i was shocked to find Our Himachal in the “TRUELY RURAL” cartegory……….so much for ur progress……hardwork…………..literacy rate……….the works….i was totally disgusted…….what was the criteria by which they choose the states?
    infact even Uttaranchal………….a state recently formed was under ” THE CITY SLICKERS”.
    i am totally disillusioned by the people and th e leaders of Himachal……..
    Infact all the neighbouring staes like .Punjab,Haryana,Uttaranchal etc were termed as “CITY SLICKERS” but OUR himachal was “TOTALLY URBAN” who is to be blamed?
    i am totally disgusted and disillusioned………we should all come together as one and ask for our rights from our neighbours and the centre………
    thats all i have to say!!!!

  3. says: Avnish Katoch

    Need of the hour is that people rise, they take these issues as their own, they need to become enlightened and empowered which for some reason is not happening in HP.

    We have brought many press statements and what not but then our quest to work for HP is always there and would keep on improving and evolving, no matter what!

  4. says: Usha

    hi ,my himachal has taken right stand in supporting the govt on the issue of the extension of industrial package .
    however we should issue open support and issue press statement in this regard to the himachalli media and national media .
    we should mail the press statement to all the newspapers and our executive should approve the text immediately so that govt and people could feel our presence

  5. says: Avnish Katoch

    In political sectors its a race now to gain from it, but they would always gain till the time public sleeps, its public which needs to wake up. After all Politicians are least worried about the welfare of the state, they just want to gain political mileage out of this, they have already made big money and their greed never ends! However if at some point state goes bankrupt, it would be common person who would suffer, so for that people need to be enlightened and they need to come and ask for their share. Where are our so called intellectuals of the state? Why don’t they protest? Reason is simple: even their lives are also well settled.

  6. says: puneet sood

    Hello Avnish

    You r right and even everybody has to support for the same cause. EvenSh. Shanta Kumar ,a big name in Himachal has also supported openly ,Raja Virbhadra Singh for the same cause and Im sure that it will give big boost to CM of HP to fight for our rights and the cause of state.
    I want to tell that neighbouring states are not even doing a penny of work on connecting roads to HP. wether Baddi-Chandigarh,Baddi-Kharar,Nalagarh-Ghnouli(Ropar),Pathankot-Nurpur or Baddi-Pinjore roads fearing that industry will shift to HP.
    But to say that if they make these roads better it will be only for the betterment of these states as the inflow from Hp to neighbouring are will increase and thus increase the business of these areas.
    Of course regarding hydel projects, HP is always at receiving end and situation has to be changed. Will all politician understand the way of naxalites only. Only then centre awakes and give due share to responding states.

    Best of luck for the gr8 cause of Himachal

    puneet sood

  7. says: Avnish Katoch


    Every where you see development is not happening or is stopped, is due to political issues. After all India is now 60 years old and how much more we need to deal with cheap politics. If we need to get rid of backward tag we need to put our government to work and they need to focus on issues which matter to Himachal.

    Why was HP govt. sitting on the issue related to arrears from neighboring state for so long? This is Himachal’s money and Himachal’s people are suffering because our leaders are incapable or they don’t have guts and will power?

    But then we choose them and we need to lead this effort and get our rights!

    Palampur is an excellent town, I belong to Baijnath! Palampur is in fact a place which could compete with some of world’s  best tourist spots but then the hospital which was started by Shanta Kumar is in troubles because now it Congress govt.! And amazing thing is, its people who donated to this noble cause and still they don’t want to protest. After all its local people who suffer, when some one is seriously sick it takes almost 8 hours to reach PGI Chandigarh and then a long time to get admitted there, then why people are not protesting and saying they need a hospital ready and working fully?

    Himachal politicians cant get their dues from neighboring states and here they are taking even basic necessities away from us. So whom to blame? They need to rise and show they are capable of leading the state!

  8. says: madhur sood

    i am citizen of himachal pradesh.i live in palampur.palampur has got all the qualities of becoming a good tourist spot,provided our loving politicians take initiative.The hospital near university campus is begging for further construction.I don’t know why these politicians are always fighting for votes.They never feel that the interest of the people should be given importance.The recent survey by times of india has said that our very own himachal pradesh will remain the least urbanised till 2026.

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