Minjar fair concludes

Minjar fair commences on the last Sunday of Shravana month at historical Chamba Chaughan with traditional zeal and enthusiasm. People from every nook and corner of the district drape their bosom with Minjar tassel made of silken and golden threads as a mark of Minjar festival. Known as the “festival of rains” different myths are associated with the background of this fair.

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Chief Minister Shri Virbhadra Singh leading the traditional Minjar Shobha Yatra beginning from the Akhand Chandi Palace, Chamba, to Manjri Garden on the banks of river Ravi, at Chamba.

According to a legend this fair is believed to have been started by Raja Sahil Varman, the founder of Chamba town and his guru Charpatnath, of Gorakhnath school of thought around 10th century AD. It is believed that river Ravi (Iravati) used to flow through the middle of Chamba Chaughan, with the temples of Harirai And Champavati situated at the opposite banks. A sage staying at the Champavati temple used to swim across the river every day to offer obeisance at Harirai temple. The king made an entreaty to the sage to divert the course of the river with his divine power so as to felicitate the people of the entire principality to visit the Harirai temple located at the opposite bank. The seer after long persuasion prepared a seven coloured rope having different colours for each day of the week and named it Minjar. A “Havan” ceremony was performed for seven days continuously. To the amazement and ecstasy of the people, river Ravi changed its course on the very seventh day. This marked the beginning of the celebrations of the Minjar.

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