Sainik school Sujanpur Tihra

Hello everyone , today what I am going to tell you is the part of my life which I am never going to forget till my last breath……….

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About The School

Sainik School Sujanpur Tira is located in the historical town Sujanpur Tira famous for its NARBADESHWAR temple, which claims some good miniature painting of Kangra Style and only idol of Lord Shiva. ‘Sujanpur Tira’ is situated in district Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) at a distance of 24 KMS from the district town. The school is located on the western end of the famous chaugan in an area of land measuring about 328 kanals.

The school maintaining a total strength of 525 boys in the class VI to XII. To accommodate such a huge strength of Students School has six Houses-Beas, Satluj, Ravi, Chenab, Yamuna and Jhelam. Each House functions under the supervision of a House Master. Along with these residential facilities school has well-equipped classrooms, Laboratories, Computer Laboratory. Smart classroom, a Gymnasium, Tennis Courts, Squash Court, a well hygienic Dining hall, a small infirmary close to Govt. hospital and extensive playgrounds.


The First day of Sainik School Sujanpur Tira was October 14, 1978 when the first batch of 50 students arrived in the ‘until then’ quite village of sujanpur. The school was formally inaugurated by the Late President of India Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reedy in November, 1978. Principal, Wg Cmdr H.S.Mehta gave the excited students a personalized trip to the cockpit of a real Helicopter. At the start there were only three buildings one Hostel (the present Chenab house), one Mess (Dining hall) and one School building (Phase 1). As the years passes by the Infrastructure and Facilities of the school has been improved tremendously.


Sainik Schools are residential schools for boys, providing Public School Education with Military bias having an All India curriculum, system of selection & examination. The Schools are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

The aim of Sainik Schools is to prepare boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune and other walks of life. The idea of Sainik Schools has been to prepare the students with the qualities such as self-belief, self-dependent, sound character, team spirit, dedication to purpose, a patriotic outlook and the desire to serve the country and above all helps them to develop Holistic approach towards their life. The main focus of Sainik Schools is to prepare students for Armed Forces.

School campus….

School campus is very big in area and I hardly think that some other public school is heaving such a large campus which is heaving 6 Houses Beas, Satluj, Ravi, Chenab, Yamuna and Jhelam, each house is heaving a capacity of 100 students except chenab ,each house has its own tv room ,Table tennis room rtc, each house has its own garden,.1 mess with 2 big hall , with capacity of around 800 students , with sitting arrangement for meal, is located between the houses, I canteen is also located where in free time students can have snacks ,sweets etc.

School Building is 3 floor building in L shape ,First floor 1 side is administrative and another side is Primary school .2nd floor is class rooms from 6th to 12th ,each class divided in to section A and B .3rd floor is library,NCC department, Musical department ,art and craft, assembly hall, Tailor room etc.

In front of school there is a Big playground which I ever saw in my life and I thing only 1 playground can compete with this that’s chail playground which is Asia highest cricket ground, but there also they don’t have 8 football fields,6 hockey fields. 6 basketball fields, 2 lawn tennis fields, 4 handball fields, 4 volleyball fields,1 squash court ,6 badminton fields, cricket ground baseball ground etc if in small words if we say then school is heaving all the sports facilities.

Student Life

Student life in school is the most happening this which students feel after the leaving the school .

Life in school starts at 5 am with a loud siren which means time to getup and get down outside the hostel to roll count that everyone is here and awake. After that you can fresh up and morning tea etc is there .After this its depend upon the season if its summer time then after fresh up at 5:45 am all the students will leave to playground for Morning physical training for 30 mints which finish at 6:30. After that you come back to home and again fresh up change the dress and 7:15 you leave to school for classes .after 2 periods students come back to have breakfast at 9 am till 9:20 am .then after breakfast its assembly time for 30 minutes. This depends upon the day because 2 time there will be a school assembly and rest of the days house assembly , if it’s a school assembly day then all students will go back to school after breakfast for school assembly , If it’s a house assembly then all the students of each house should gather in front of there houses and then they will have the assembly in which 1 student of each class should participate like some news, science topics, current affairs , story etc .after assembly we again leave to school for studies where we will have 3 periods then a tea break after a tea break 2 periods and then we again come back to have lunch around 1:30 pm .after lunch till 2:45 pm you are free , you can have a rest .after that you again change the dress and 2:45 you leave to school again from 3 to 4 you will have preparatory class and from 4 to 5 pm games period. Whatever you like to play you can play .after games you come back to hostels fresh up and again dress up for night preparatory class which will start from 6pm to 8:30pm .then after this you will come back to hostel for dinner and after dinner its news time which is compulsory and tv time etc .at 10:00pm there will be roll call where everyone should be present .at 10:30 again siren will blow last time for day to switch off time and go to sleep.

This is the normal routine of a day but its little change for some days like 3days a week we have NCC time means we will do all parades etc and they usually start at 3 pm .and other activities are there then it can be changed .

In winters in stead of morning Physical training we have preparatory class rest is same .

Sat is half day means after 2 pm we can go to market till 4 pm to buy stuff etc .

Sunday is a holiday but also its routine day , every Sunday the new movie will be telecasted etc, every second Sunday is the parents day you can meet with them from 9 am till 4 pm.

School is very strict for its rules and regulations and a student can not leave the school territory without the prior permission of the authorities. Well in simple words it’s like the army rules.

Other Facilities:


The school runs its own CSD Canteen. The goods are procured from the Canteen Stores Department to provide items on cheap rates to ex-servicemen and the wards of serving defence personnel.


Science Clubs, Music Club, Literary Club, Photography, G.K Club. Karate club, Trackers ,English literature ,yoga etc are functioning at present in the school under the guidance of expert and experienced teachers.


The school has a well equipped computer laboratory with 32 Pentium IV,III,II and I configuration computers to provide work experience to all cadets passing out from the school. The school has introduced computer as a subject at Senior Secondary level.


Physical Training, Cross Country and Games-Hockey, Football, Athletics, Basketball, Handball and Volleyball are compulsory for all boys. While greater emphasis is laid on the academic progress of the students, the school provides ample scope for the development of their creative faculties and skill in Fine Arts, Craft and other hobbies. The school has also introduced an obstacle course to test and improve courage, physical endurance and physique of the students. Regularly cultural evenings etc are organized between the hostels .Water sports , Mountaineering etc is done on regular intervals .


All the students are members of the Junior Division of the National Cadet Corps irrespective of their age. The cadets are required to attend Annual NCC Camps and special summer camps for Rock Climbing. Advanced leadership and other Adventure Courses like water sports and trekking. This helps Students to develop qualities such as mental toughness and team spirit.

Sports :

Sports is the 1 of the Important things in sainik school .Its compulsory for every student to play any game he like as I mentioned earlier there hardly any game which is not played in sainik school and maximum time sainik school is champion in state games , athletics as our students plays in the national games and represent himachal Pradesh.


Since school started our family keep on growing day by day .And school have produced a so many heroes which are putting there efforts to bring country on the top.

Till now more then 200 armed officers are produced and last known hero is Sanjeev jamwal who fought in kargil and so many times was shown in star news and the person whos names comes in movie LOC with abhishek we have a lot of list .So many peoples are sitting in different part of the worlds which are with contact of each other through WWW.SUJANIANS.ORG , a site started by the Old boys associations of school .So you can read on this site more about the alumni and there achievements .


Admission to a Sainik School is made on the basis of the merit list prepared after All India Entrance Examination, which consists of written papers, interview and medical examination.

For class VI
Mathematical Knowledge Test-100 Marks
Language Ability Test – 100 Marks
Intelligence Test – 100 Marks
(Candidate will have option of Hindi/English for Language Ability Test, which must be specified in the application form). No change later will be permissible.
For class IX
A. Mathematics – 200 Marks
B. Social Studies – 75 Marks
C. English – 100 Marks
D. Science – 75 Marks

Entrance Examination will be held on the same day all over the country. In addition to 300 Marks prescribed for written examination for class VI and 450 Marks for class IX, 50 marks for both classes VI and IX would be set apart for interview. Question papers for class IX will be set in English only. Old question papers can be obtained from the Principal on payment of Rs. 25/-. It is for information of candidates that modifications in the form & contents of the questions for class VI cannot be ruled out.

An appropriate number of candidates from amongst those who qualify in the entrance examination shall be called for interview and medical examination . Keeping in view the number of vacancies, a final list of candidates will be drawn strictly in order of merit for admission.

Students for admission to class VI may answer the question paper in English, Hindi or any of the other thirteen languages recognized by the Government of India.


Twenty five percent of seats each year are reserved for children of ex-defense /service personnel, son/ward of the serving/retired Army, Air Force, Navy and GREF. 15% and 7.5% seats are reserved for boys belonging to schedule caste and schedule tribes. For this purpose the parent has to produce a relevant certificate issued by local SDM.


Sainik School admits boys to classes VI and IX only. There age should be 10-11 years for class VI and 13-14 years for class IX as on 1st July of the year in which admission is sought. Boys who have availed one chance earlier are not permitted to take the test for second time. The violation of this rule by parent, if detected later, shall be viewed seriously and the child so admitted shall be removed from the rolls of the school instantly.


1) Parents/guardians are to forward proper birth certificate at the time of submission of application for the entrance examination. The following procedure/criterion will be adopted for acceptance of proof of age.

1) Boys who have previously attended school recognized by State/Central Board of Secondary Education. Date of Birth indicated in the transfer certificate issued by the previous school duly countersigned by the District Education Officer/Designated officer of CBSE/State Board should be enclosed. Besides an extract from the Registrars of Births and Deaths kept by the Municipal Committee/Board/Corporation concerned should be obtained by parents/guardians before a boy is finally admitted in Sainik School. Date of Birth given in these documents will be accepted. Any affidavit alone in support of date of birth will not be accepted and application without proper certificate will be rejected.
2) Boys whose parents are Defense Personnel or Ex-servicemen. Only the date of birth of the boy entered in the service documents maintained in the record offices of respective Service will be accepted. In the case of children born after an individuals release/retirement from service sub paras (a) and (b) will apply. Application without proof of age from the concerned Record Officer will not be accepted.
3) The Principal may in specific cases call upon parents to submit any additional document /declaration to verify the documents produced by the form from the issuing authorities.
4) Once a date of birth, state of domicile as claimed by the parent’s/guardian’s is accepted by the Sainik School authorities, no subsequent change is permissible. If it is found at any stage, i.e. at the time of entrance examination or after admission that the boy has appeared for a second time at the entrance exam or he has produced wrong proof of his age, he will not be permitted to sit for the entrance examination or will immediately be expelled from the school as the case may be and parents/guardians will be asked to pay the scholarship amount received from the Government.


Application for Entrance exam duly completed on the prescribed form at Appendix ‘M’ to this prospectus should reach the Principal, Sainik School Sujanpur Tira, Distt Hamirpur by 1700 hrs on the date specified on the cover page of the prospectus. Entrance exam will be held on the date indicated on cover page. Incomplete application forms without proper documents will not be entertained. Application forms must be accompanied with the following:

1) Date of birth certificate.
2) Relevant cert for SC/St duly signed by local SDM/authority/revenue authority of the state concerned.
3) Service/discharge certificate for Defense/Ex Defense personnel.
4) Three copies of latest passport size photographs of the candidate. One copy is to be securely pasted in the right hand corner of the application. From. The parent/guardians must sign partly on the photograph and partly on the form. The second copy shall be firmly pasted on the identification certificate, which is to be attested by a gazette officer. Third copy, unsigned /unattested shall be pasted on the Hall ticket.

5) Two self addressed envelopes of size 22cmx10cm each bearing posted stamps of Rs. 25/-.

6) Typed or manuscript or Photostat application will not be accepted. Application issued to reserved categories at concession rate will not issued by general category boys. Application received after the closing date or found incomplete in any respect will not be entertained. Call up letters /Hall tickets for the candidates to report at the examination centers will be sent to the parents/guardians at the least ten days before the due date of examination.


The entrance exam will be conducted at the following four centers and no request for change once allotted will be entertained: –

(a) Sainik School Sujanpur Tira (HP) (b) Mandi
(c) Shimla (d) Dharamsala


The parents/guardians of the candidates whoa are finally selected for admission into the school is required to submit the following documents: –

1) Transfer Certificate form the previous school duly countersigned by the D.E.O /Regional Office of CBSE.
2) Agreement bond (appx. ‘J’ or ‘L’)
3) Agreement bond (appx H)
4) Affidavit of income (appx ‘G’), if applicable.
5) Certificate of income (Salary certificate to be signed by the drawing and Disbursing Officer with his seal) (Appendix ‘K’)
6) Affidavit and certificate of domicile (appendix ‘F-1 and F-2)
7) Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe certificate.
8) Attested copy of the Armed Forces Discharge/Serving certificate, if applicable.
9) Application for scholarship.
10) Original certificate of date of birth issued by Registrar Births and deaths.


1) All the boys to admission are medically examined in accordance with the information given at Appendix ‘P’ read in conjunction with the standard as laid for admission to the National Defense Academy. The decision of Medical Board regarding fitness/rejection shall be final.

2) Boys are admitted to the school on the understanding that they remain in the school for entire course. In case parents want to withdraw their son on any account including revision of fees/scholarship, they will have to pay the fees in accordance with school rules and notice of withdrawals must be given in writing to the Principal.

3) Parents of boys are in receipt of scholarship can withdraw them only after repayment of scholarship amount received by them. On all matters relating to admission and withdrawals of boys from Sainik School, the decision of Sainik School Society will be final.


1) The Principal is empowered to order withdrawal of any student from the school on the following grounds and fees in the case of such boys are not refundable: –
2) On poor academic performance at the end of year. Boys scoring less then 40% marks in each subject and less than 50% marks in aggregate will be withdrawn from the school.
3) For unauthorized/prolonged absence from the school.
4) On grounds of gross indiscipline and misconduct at any time without assigning any reasons or giving any notice.
5) For no-payment of prescribed school fees.
6) On the medical grounds, if the boy is found medically unfit for admission to the National Defense Academy or for further continuance in Sainik School.


Once a student joins the Sainik School, he is understood to stay in the school for complete duration of the schooling up to class XII. Withdrawal requests by the parents will be considered only on extreme compassionate grounds and with two months notice. The security deposit of the concerned cadet will be forfeited. Cadets who are receiving any amount of scholarship will be required to refund the complete amount of scholarship received before being allowed to leave the school on parents request.

President’s message


The Hon’ble Minster for Education , the Hon’ble Minister for State for Public Relations, Major Gen Suri, Principal and members of the staff and dear students.

It gives me very great pleasure to participate in your Annual Day function, The Sainik School is the youngest in India. Out of the 18 Sainik Schools spread throughout the length and breadth of this vast country, Tira School was started in 1978. But after seeing the wonderful performance and also going through the annual report of your school, I must offer my felicitations and congratulations on the excellent show that you have put up.

Your academic success has been remarkable. Within a short span of hardly four years you have been able to get 65 of your boys admitted in the NDA. The physical exercises and demonstration which you put before us this afternoon, speaks volumes on ability of the students, not only to participate in the games, but also to maintain that strict discipline so necessary for success in life.

India is a great nation, It is a great country and notwithstanding all the little tensions that you hear from time to time. We can not forget the great progress this country achieved during the last 40 years after independence. I will give you a few examples. At the time of our Independence we were short of food. We were going round the world asking for food aid and food gifts. Today thanks to the application of science and technology to agriculture, we have not only been able to achieve a measure of self sufficiency in food but also be able to give some little food assistance to other countries in dire distress. Three years ago we gave one hundred thousand tons of food grains to Ethiopia which suffered one of the worst famines in world history. About two years ago we were able to give 50 tons food to Sudan during its worst drought. We are indeed proud of our achievement in agriculture which speaks volumes on the ability of our farmers. to readjust their lives to the modern needs and also be able to apply modern scientific and technological methods to agriculture. In the field of industry you will recall that at the time of our independence we were importing every small thing from outside the country. We used to import safety pins from Japan. We used to import fountain pens from England and we have hardly anything worth calling our own manufactures. After 40 years of progress today we are one of the 10 industrialized countries of the world. We produce a variety of manufactures that is really bewildering.

Even the most advanced and developed countries are not a little amazed at the progress that India has made during the last 40 years. We produce steel; we produce fertilizers; agricultural implement; every kind of chemicals; pharmaceuticals and we are one of the minor exporters of engineering goods in the world. This great progress has been achieved because of the emphasis which the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru laid on science and technology. He said that India cannot progress unless we introduce scientific methods and a scientific temper amongst our people. Thanks to his vision, a large number of laboratories that he set up, the research institutions that have sprung up, India is today among the forefront of nations in many fields. We have achieved considerable success in atomic energy and in space. We are one of the few countries which have a sea-bed mining license even concerning the number of developed countries which have been competing for this privilege. We have put up a satellite in the orbit and we have covered the whole country from Kanya Kumar to Kashmir to Lakshadeep and Andaman Islands with television sets. Our communication system has so much improved that we can talk to the people all over India spread over the long and vast distances in a trice. In the matter of scientific personnel we are the third largest in number. After the United States and Soviet Union, India stands third among the number of scientific and technological personnel in the world. I am emphasizing all these things because I want the young men, particularly the students to have full faith in the future of the country, of the greatness of this country, of the vast strides that his country has made after independence and the striking progress that we are still making towards the cherished goal of giving the people the highest standard of life.
Sainik Schools have a very important role to play in our economy. Sainik Schools train boys who the quality of leadership in whatever walk of life they may accept. Today our country needs not his small pusillanimous men. The country today needs giants in every field; people who will gave an excellent account of themselves in whatever walk of life they may be left or they may choose to go. The spirit of developing excellence in oneself is a basis idea of some of our universities and of modern schools. The Sainik Schools are avowedly branch of that system of education and they are able to provide country with one of the best services. I consider among the services in India, the defense services as the noblest because the defense services protect the country at the risk of their own life. It is not lay other who quail, drive and earn a fat salary. It is they who stand in the forefront in the most trying climate under very exhausting circumstances and provide the country that kind national defense to protect its integrity and its honor.

And the Sainik School train the boys both mentally and physically to meet the great challenges of the time. I am also happy that since the boys live in one campus they develop homogeneity and a camaraderie which makes them feel that they are a part and parcel of this great country. Linguistic, regional and religious chauvinism just disappear from the minds of these young boys. It is they who build up the national integration and build up the faith in the national unity and integrity. It is a great institution which deserves to be supported by every one. And I am very happy that his great institution here in Tira is giving an excellent account of itself in every walk of life that is brought to them in their curriculum.

While I wish every success to this institution, I wish the boys of this Sainik School a continued success in their career and in the service of the nation.

President R.Venketaraman
( 1987-1992 )

So In the end I would like to say that I proud to be a sujanian because this school showed me the meaning of life .

Dr.Akshay Minhas

Chadhiar distt.kangra

[email protected]

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    I want to get my son admitted Arjun Pratep Singh Rathore in
    Sanik School but he is 11 year old .Please let me know the recent
    exam date and procedures to get applaction form / Prospectus.

  2. says: Raman Kumar

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly advise me when I can get application form/prospectus of Sanik School, My son Myush interested to join, he is presently studying in V std.
    I am Ex Navy personel presently working aborad.

    Pl advise with full details.

    Thanks & Regards
    Raman Kumar

  3. says: Varinder Maini

    Dear Sir,
    My son is studying in class 5th in Delhi. I want to send him in sainik school for further studies.But I have one confusion that i lived in Delhi, so can my son is eligible to take admission in Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra.

  4. says: Vipin Choudhary

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly advise me when I can get application form/prospectus of Sanik School, My son Ankit interested to join, he is presently studying in V std in Galaxy Private school Nagrota Surian Tehsil Jawali Distt Kangra Himachal Pradesh.
    I am presently working with aboard based Company INDIA.

    Pl advise with full details.

    Thanks & Regards

    Vipin Choudhary
    Mobile # 9650806918

  5. says: Ashok Verma

    Good Infromation on your webpage.

    Pl. advise how can a stduent prepare for the entrance for admission in this school. What are the best books for the preperatio? Fee structure may also provid me please….

  6. says: hitesh janta

    It gives me a nice pleasure that Dr.Akshay Minhas has put all his views about his experience of sujanian life and also mentioned about the school’s feature.

  7. Gd afternoon sir,
    hello sir. my daughter is studing in 8th standered.under the sanik school girls are allwoded in 9th.plz verify my views.I shall be thankful to you for this kindness.
    thank you

    1. says: Dinesh

      No. Girls are not allowed admission in Sainik School except the girls of the staff members and that too as Day scholar only.


  8. says: Narinder S Parmar

    Greeting Dr Minhas,

    Thanks for sharing the information about this school. I have visited this school soon after it was inaugurated, with my father Major Chint Singh. I cant remember the name of the first Principal, but he happened to my my father’s student in ACC Pune! My father wanted me to teach in this school after my Masters in Geography! However the destiny brought me to Australia and now I am Head Teacher (HOD) in Social Science, in a State school.
    This school was very special to my father and he quite often visited it. He happened to be the President of Hamirpur Ex-servicemen.
    Once again thanks for sharing this information and I will sure try to visit this school during my next trip to India.
    Best wishes
    Narinder S Parmar

  9. says: Mamta

    hello sir,

    Recently i m in new delhi and basically i am from harsi patan, himachal pradesh. i want to do addmission of my 5years daughter in your sainik school kindly confirm me your addmission fee and all the formalities that you have with your school.

    your reply will be appreciated


  10. says: anoop mahajan

    Good Infromation on your webpage.

    Pl. advise how can a stduent prepare for the entrance for admission in this school. What are the best books for the preperation? Is there any book in Hindi?


    Anoop Mahajan

  11. says: subhash chander verma

    Dr.Minhas, has accumualted the most valuable information about the sainik school sujanpur. My son is also very fortunate as he has got admitted in the same school. May god bless him by joining indian army.

  12. says: Brijlal

    I am ex service man and my son is 15 years old and he has been given the exaims of 9th class in DAV and I want to admit him in 10th class please guide me

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