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A lot of people mentioned earlier that show and work on other things other than showing nice pictures. But then at myHimachal we are exploring various ways to generate employment in Himachal and TOURISM is one thing which we can benefit tremendously. I still think tourism in Himachal is unexplored even to its minimum level. So this is the reason, pictures shows the best Himachal can offer in tourism segment and attracts people towards it. If you go to HP tourism websites not even amateur level of work is displayed and on Internet some of the best available snaps are showing Himachal. Recently saw KarmaDude’s site and as he is doing a series on all Indian states, I thought why not to show each and every part of Himachal through the pictures on Flickr.

So here I am with a series from pictures of various places of Himachal on flickr.

And first one is from Palampur.

Photographs of Palampur taken in 2006.
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  1. says: KarmaDude

    Avnish, good to see that you are expanding on the India Through Flickr idea. I am looking forward to seeing the photographs of Himachal you can dig up in Flickr.

    Good Luck!

  2. says: anshul

    really u people did a lot to make this beautuful site.i am proud of himachali. i am from himachal pradesh disst kangra home town palampur

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