Anuj Sharma

anuj_big.jpgA lot has been read and said about Anuj Sharma. Our first singer from himachal who reached to the top three of Indian Idol contest. So I thought why not to compile available information about Anuj on Internet and put it on the blog. After all Anuj gave us much needed recognition, not to mention due to his voice more and more people are interested knowing Himachal more and of course as one of the Judges in contest, Anu Malik said, I quote him, “Anuj your voice is as sweet as himachali Apple”, so I think more and more people would love to taste Himachali apples now:-).

We are going to bring all the names of youths on blog who did great in their respective field.anujsharma_396x251.jpg We have quite many upcoming singers from Himachal so you would see all their names and details coming soon.

I believe apart from all other matters, it was such a nice experience to see Anuj on national TV. For people outside India, Sony India has a complete list of all main events on their website so all of you can hear how he sang. There was lot of talk about regionalism etc., but apart from that, lets all judge what skills our youths need to compete with rest of India or for that matter world.

Indian Idol website
Rediff interview
Article on Anuj

Himachali folk songs

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  1. says: Vijay

    this is Kumar Vijay . I am from Palampur. and i live right in Kuwit so i want downlaod Himachali songs. Plz sent name of website

    Best Regards
    Kumar Vijay

    1. says: Chaman Thakur

      HI Kumar Vijay

      Jai mata ki !

      Bhau minjo nahin pata himachal songs kiyan down load karane ne. par tusi log on to this link
      you find aorund 4 albums here which I always enjoy. though there is no album from anuj sharma here. Just to let you know that I just had a chance of listning to anuj at rehan on the closing ceremonay of Ram leela in October 2009. I am proud to be from the region of Anuj Sharma but I was bit disappointed to listen to him there as he was mostly into hindi songs and than seeing the people going turning into Punjabi song and just one himachali song. Frankly he was not able to control the audiences and I felt shame. May be he did not realize because he has gain the height, but after all he is our son and we all love him !

      Chaman Thakur
      Cell : 09811552453

  2. says: Shilpa

    Anuj u r realy a vry gd sngr. Iam proud of u. Want to meet u. Do cum baijnath. Hope u have nt frgtn me??

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