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There is a growing fight going between two camps of politicians of Himachal. Major Vijai Singh Mankotia belongs to Vidya Stokes camp while GS Bali and VirBhadra are on one side. Since start Major Makotia is a firebrand leader. Once his people even beat Pandit Sant Ram, the local MLA, and his men from my area in Baijnath because he was close to Virbhadra. Mostly Major is a strong Rajput leader but with lot of hot blood. Not to mention royal lineage.


I am sure our country people back in India are now really fed up with politicians and the

Cap Challenge to CM

means they apply to gain their goals. HP is a small and peaceful state, we don’t have leaders who exploit their own people like from Bihar or UP, but growing unemployment is becoming major worry. Lot of young guys are without jobs and drugs are becoming main worry. Its high time that we all join hands and beat this old habit of politicians to divide and rule.

I live in US and I am very proud of my PAHARI heritage, I am a proud Himachali and very81c6re2.jpg proudly flaunt my Himachali cap, no matter what colors it comes I love it and I strongly believe there is only one and only one Himachali cap. Young people of HP realises that all this is wrong but what hurts me is that they just talk and dont do anything at all. We have three different groups of almost all Himachalis in IT field and we talk all big but when it comes to a cause we never come to a single platform. Is it because most of Himachalis are Rajputs and its in the blood not to be together or something else, I think the answer we need to ask ourselves, I am a Rajput and I am proud that most of us defend our nation with great pride on border but why not within it????

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