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The Sahara-Sunshine Adventures in association with the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department and The Bio Diversity Conservation Society – Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) held Himachal’s first-ever nature photography competition here today.

Mr Payson R. Stevens (a trained earth scientist and founder of InterNetwork, Inc and InterNetwork Media, Inc. (, his companies worked with NASA,untitled.jpg the US Geological Survey, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for over two decades supporting their efforts in developing Earth System Science and understanding Global Change, was the co-author of the highly acclaimed book, Embracing Earth: New Views of Our Changing Planet (Chronicle Books, 1992), Stevens has been an advisor to GHNP and SAHARA (a Kullu Valley NGO) since 2000 and has trekked over 900 km with Sanjeeva Pandey in the Park, looking after “Friends of GHNP”, a group involved in bringing about awareness among local people about the fragile fauna and endangered species in the Himalayan region) said yesterday that such a competition would have a cascading effect in spreading the message of conservation.

He felt that we might never recover from the serious ecological imbalances created by mankind. These natural treasures once lost would be lost forever. He was appointed one of the judges for the competition.

image002.jpgMr Kamal Chand, District Tourism Officer, here said that The Great Himalayan National Park was selected as one of the first national parks in India to demonstrate the linking of biodiversity conservation with local social and economic development, broadly known as ‘eco-development’.

He said in the competition, both professionals and amateurs could participate.

Mr Ankit Sood, head of the Tourism Department at Government Postgraduate College here said that as many as 10 renowned photographers from West Bengal, Punjab, New Delhi and Himachal Pradesh had reached here.

The Director of the GHNP would provide guidelines for trekking and also accommodation to the participants during their stay in the park beginning today till April 29.

Payson Stevens is advisor and member of myHimachal Group(MHG), Ankit Sood and Sanjeeva Pandey are valuable members. And MHG is working together with GHNP to promote sustainable living in Himachal.

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