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The creation of an international forum called ‘My Himachal’, by non-resident Himachalis, is welcome news indeed. Himachal, with its unique geography, climatic, culture and richness of resources, is poised to take a quantum leap forward.

However, the neighbouring states have blindly followed the flawed and dubious Western models of development leading to crass urbanisation and environmental degradation.

The said forum can judiciously employ its members’ expertise, international exposure, financial muscle and above all the sentiment for a better Himachal, as its most valuable tools in transforming this struggling hill state into a vibrant, prosperous, environmentally-rich oasis of splendour and beauty, free from the pollution, corruption and decadence prevailing all around.

The forum must also be in a position to exert pressure for better governance in the state, whichever party may be in the saddle.


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