Tibetans in Himachal

Since our childhoods we all from Himachal have seen various Tibetan monasteries growing that it always fascinated me. Once I came to US and saw many of Richard Gere and Steven Seagal movies and when I came to know that not only Gere and Seagal are working for Tibetans but also for India, they are so true and dear friends of India. Gere is so much involved in AIDS activities.

Well my point is that not only these two personalities or Goldie Hawn’s love for Tibetans as well as for our dear state and then the spirituality of Dalai Lama and his teachings as well seeing their system of preserving the ages old culture which is one of us, which in fact came from Hinduism, it has made me more and more attracted to Buddhism.

So many times I think that they have all the major institutes near to my town and Dalai Lama also stays near by, why we Himachalis don’t go study and find out about their culture and system.

There is so much to learn from Tibetans, that’s why I thought for future reference as and when I get time why not to compile a library sort of their various places in Himachal. That’s why all this listing of their contact details.

Sherbling monastery—

Very near to my place, a small village called Bhattu, where this major Buddhist university has come up. Very small beautiful place nestled in between hills, full of our nomad people. Most of whom are out almost all the year grazing their sheep’s. Our own Nomad, Gaddis have a very strong local village God system, which is still functional.Their lives almost virtually are run by Village Gods. New generation is going away from being nomad but I think their respect wont change for the system.

But then Buddhism is one of us, they believe in the spiritual powers, so do we, their mysticism runs their lives so does our. On this path I want to explore all the similarities we may have. I hope God would give me some time in my life to venture into this direction some day.

Sherab Ling,

P.O. Bhattu,


Distt. Kangra,

Himachal Pradesh,








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