Relief Riders International.

A Hero Journey.

A unique and truly heroic, adventurous and appreciable concept! Alexandar Souri born to a French mother and Indian father is working towards this great effort.

He calls it a Humanitarian based adventure travel company.

A Journey amongst extraordinary mountains, vibrant with color, while they grant the greatest gift

Relief Riders International is a humanitarian based, adventure travel company that organizes horseback journeys through developing countries. The first journey which they took along with a team of 8 specialists from ENT, Pediatrics, Dental, Gynecologist, general Physicians and Ophthalmologist is a unique example of giving back, generosity and of course adventure. They treated almost 530 patients and had the first hand experience of Indian rural population as well as rich Indian heritage.

The next adventure ride, planned for July 31st to August 15th 2005, will take them up into breathe taking Himalayan mountain passes, through deep narrow valleys; to the area many call “Little Tibet.â€? There will be 6 – 12 riders, and a caravan of 6 – 8 pack horses carrying medical and other life sustaining supplies.

This trip which starts from Himachal Pardesh’s Spiti area with Spitian horses, known for their toughness in cold desert mountains will end up in Ladhakh.

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