Shubhaangi Thakur

Shubhaangi2An avid reader and a ‘cinema’ lover, Shubhaangi is a research scholar, pursuing her doctorate in English literature from Panjab University, Chandigarh.

As is clear from her educational pursuits, she loves literature and believes that literature can sensitize people and is capable of bringing great revolutions in a society.

She admires dissident literature and non conformist, rebellious artists and activists, like Noam Chomsky, Ai Wei Wei, Banksy, Howard Zinn, Salman Rushdie.

She is of the view that everything needs to be questioned and this perpetual questioning is reflected in her writings.

Director at HMPL, a digital media services company, Kamal Thakur is a computer science & engineering grad from NIT Jalandhar. He is a writer, ecommerce analyst and content marketing expert. Kamal lives in the Himalayas