No More Animal Spirits, Please !

Any more infusion of animal spirits into our economy will  result in even more squirreling away of the national wealth in Antigua and the Cayman Islands, and wildebeest type of migrations of our uber rich to greener pastures abroad

Rahul Gandhi And Congress Must Stay Course

The naked truth is that Rahul Gandhi did not lose the 2019 polls, Congress ideology did. Messers Modi and Shah have created a New India in which there appears to be no place for what the Congress has always stood for:  liberal values, secularism, inclusiveness, consensus, human rights, genuine federalism, compassion for the poor. 

Where Will Mr Modi Take Us From Here ?

The Modi- Shah duo have single handedly replaced the idea/ideology of a humane, plural, tolerant India with an assertive, Hindu dominated, impatient, proud India which is prepared to wait another five  years for the fruits of development to trickle down to it.