The Cruelest Month

One reason why I’m sick to my stomach every July: it’s the time of year when the press informs us, with a flourish of trumpets, about how much Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s net worth is in pure Mammon terms.

Five Years Through A Blogger’s Looking Glass

Editors of newspapers and magazines today are more like censors, toeing the political line of their proprietors, dishing out packaged meals – the customer has no real choice. Television anchors are cacophonous megaphones of the powers that be, but do not see.

This is where the blogger comes in – not subject to any editorial restraint, or the tyranny of TRPs or readership numbers or commercial imperatives, he can record things as he sees them and speak from the heart. He may be right or wrong, but the reader at least gets a frank opinion, and can make up his own mind, not have it made up for him by a slanted news item or a mercenary advertorial,

Dhan Ki Baat

I should have listened to Mintu, ten years my senior, way back in 1973. If I had, I wouldn’t be living in a village…